March 19, 2023

So I have the title same thing just different people. Simply put we have DeSantis instead of Trump but he’s just another Fascist and Racist asshole who believes he’s right and the rest of us are too dumb to realize it. I get really tired of seeing how he is right about the dumb part it’s just not about just him. The American people should be in the streets like they were in the 60s but like MLK not like Jan 6th. Trump says he will be arrested on Tuesday and telling all his wacky followers to be in the streets protesting. Well, we have seen how his people protest and if they do it again in New York I hope he gets arrested and locked up for inciting a riot. That probably won’t happen but it would be the right thing. If we just sit around and let people like Trump and DeSantis do what they want, then we have no right to complain and we can kiss democracy goodbye and trust me they have no idea what to do if Democracy does disappear. Hey, I did my brackets for March Madness and of course, I got blown out in the first round. If I ever make it through the first round I going to take it as a win and quit while I am ahead. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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