March 28, 2021

Jesus what a week. A mass shooting and voter suppression. we’ll star with the mass shooting in Colorado first. Tow weeks ago an appeal judge threw out the ban on large capacity magazines. Now ten people are dead and still we can’t get a good gun control law in place. AR15’s the weapon of choice is not a recreation gun its standard magazine as I remember was 20 rounds it is supposed to come with a 5 round one now. So let me tell you if you need 10,15, or more rounds to go hunting you shouldn’t be allowed a license for hunting or a permit to buy any kind of gun. I love shooting, but now I don’t own any guns. Where I live they’re too many people and no gun ranges. I had shotguns where we were only allowed to have 3 shells in the weapon. I had rifles all of which were single shot. I was on a YMCA rifle team and won all my matches. It was said I never missed anything I aimed at. I was an expert with pistols as well. But as the got bigger and my time got less I did any hunting I did with a camera. I have had guns pointed at me on a couple of occasions. Once while hunting I was shoot at by an idiot who turned around and shot behind him. That was when I stopped hunting to many people and too any assholes. I think you should be able to own a weapon but not one that was built for war. And if a town allows the sale of guns they should have supervised ranges and strict control on the transport of weapons.

Now for the other thing voter suppression. This is like the segregation days or as the refer to it Jim Crow days. So far the black community a has responded with restraint , I don’t expect that to last and I’m not talking about peaceful marches but rather the rise of groups like the Black Panthers and other militant groups that are not so restrained in there actions. It was a democratic Governor in Arkansas that sent National guard and State Police to Little rock to stop blacks from entering a white school. So when it comes to racism it’s not just a Republican thing it is a white thing Right now it looks like the Republican are taking the lead in that category. President Biden needs to act on these voting restriction laws now before its way too late . This has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


March 21, 2021

Well, Trump’s legacy just keeps on screwin things up. His mishandling of the pandemic and his blaming of China have resulted in attacks on Asian Americans. He blamed China for the virus, and yes came from there, but it was his lack of action that was responsible for where we are today. His followers took what he said and applied rumor and misinformation that came from him in a blatant attempt to deflect blame for the crisis away from Trump. Had Trump acted instead of doing nothing thousand of people would still be alive and we would have it under control, but no he decided science was wrong and he was right. We may never know what he was thinking when he said some of the things he did. All I know is he thrives in a world of deceit and by creating chaos he can get away with whatever he wants. Watching him is like watching a magic show. Hey, look over here while I’m really over here. He has developed a cult of personality where the truth has no place and only what he says does. I don’t know how you put millions of people into a deprogramming program but that’s what it is going to take. This has been FATS and ANTONIA CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Boy is it really 2021? it feels like the early sixties with all the racism out there. I wasn’t naive enough to think that it was gone, but I didn’t think it was this bad. Just goes to show you I ain’t as smart as I think. What surprises me is that they’re using Trumps claims of fraud in the election process to deprive people , mostly those of color from their basic right to vote. I guess they don’t remember what happens when you really piss of the people. This time it won’t be so peaceful because we’ve proven that approach doesn’t work. This time we might see conflict in the military as well. I know that if you say no write in voting and I can’t vote just because I chose to live in my wife’s country, I will be really pissed. The way this country is going we could see the NAZI party getting on many ballots. I have always been amazed at how short our memories are and how cowardly a good portion of this country is. There are those that refuse to believe facts like the holocaust really happened. I am of the age where I have met survivors as well as veterans that freed Jews from the camps. today’s generation of non believers believe that Trump didn’t lose the election and that there’s a cult of pedophiles in our government led by Hillary and other Democrats. I think Hillary is capable of many things but running a pedophile ring is not one of them. We now have people in government that believe outrageous theories. There are white supremacists in the house and senate, are they new, no they just feel empowered now by Trump. The threat to democracy is now stronger than ever and if we don’t do something we won’t have to worry about making America great again but rather can we survive the attacks from within. This has been FATS and Antonia CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

We’re going to see if I can stay away from politics today. Those of you that are in my age area (I’m 75) always hear things are better today than they were back then. Well, that’s true if your talking about medicine or most technology, but some things don’t seem to be better. I can think of one and that’s music. I’m not talking about style, you know rock vs. rap or anything like that. I’m talking about how recorded sound sounds when you play it. Remember first we had wax records, then we had vinyl, then came real to real, 8 tracks, cassettes, and CDs. Now it seems we’re going back to vinyl. All these changes were supposed to make listening at home more like being there. We had mono, stereo, quadraphonic and so on all trying to recreate that live feeling in your home. Well, I’ve always believed that you not only needed good tech but you needed a little imagination as well for that to happen. The best sound I ever had was with an AR turntable a cartridge that had no name because at the time it was experimental and extremely expensive. My amp was a pioneer sx727 tuner with Hitachi and Bose speakers. We could buy records that were true stereo, not like what they call stereo now. You got part of the music from the left and part from the right. Today you really don’t get that separation in a recording. They told us the best quality was CD, yet there were a few of us and some in the industry that disagreed, and by looking at what’s happening now we were right. I no longer have my gear from back then but I still have my Bose speakers. I even have a set for my computer. It would be way too expensive for me to try and recreate my old system because I live in Colombia and their idea of home music is a giant Boom Box turned all the way up. I show my age when I listen to Classical Music with my headphones on so I can get the real Stereo feeling. Well, we did it no politics. Join me and Antonia Monday nights at 7 pm on YouTube where we’ll be live. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.