March 7, 2021

We’re going to see if I can stay away from politics today. Those of you that are in my age area (I’m 75) always hear things are better today than they were back then. Well, that’s true if your talking about medicine or most technology, but some things don’t seem to be better. I can think of one and that’s music. I’m not talking about style, you know rock vs. rap or anything like that. I’m talking about how recorded sound sounds when you play it. Remember first we had wax records, then we had vinyl, then came real to real, 8 tracks, cassettes, and CDs. Now it seems we’re going back to vinyl. All these changes were supposed to make listening at home more like being there. We had mono, stereo, quadraphonic and so on all trying to recreate that live feeling in your home. Well, I’ve always believed that you not only needed good tech but you needed a little imagination as well for that to happen. The best sound I ever had was with an AR turntable a cartridge that had no name because at the time it was experimental and extremely expensive. My amp was a pioneer sx727 tuner with Hitachi and Bose speakers. We could buy records that were true stereo, not like what they call stereo now. You got part of the music from the left and part from the right. Today you really don’t get that separation in a recording. They told us the best quality was CD, yet there were a few of us and some in the industry that disagreed, and by looking at what’s happening now we were right. I no longer have my gear from back then but I still have my Bose speakers. I even have a set for my computer. It would be way too expensive for me to try and recreate my old system because I live in Colombia and their idea of home music is a giant Boom Box turned all the way up. I show my age when I listen to Classical Music with my headphones on so I can get the real Stereo feeling. Well, we did it no politics. Join me and Antonia Monday nights at 7 pm on YouTube where we’ll be live. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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