February 24, 2018

Oh dear what to write about today. So much bad stuff happened and the only good stuff was the Olympics and that wasn’t great. I’ve had to listen to Fats complain all week that the Trumpster has once again made it impossible to around with his head held high because everyone down here is laughing at him. They think it’s hilarious that a country with a gun problem wants to arm it’s teachers thus bring guns to school where they’ve been trying to keep them out of school. They had trained armed deputies at the school and they just stood there not doing anything. So now they want arm untrained teachers so they can engage shooters in gunfights. Now I don’t think is funny I think this absolutely one of the dumbest thing to come out of the Trumpster’s mouth yet. The Trumpster who is a self proclaimed genus just keeps going around opening his mouth and proving just the opposite. And Fats feels hes suffering because of it. America has a big problem and its one its army and banks can’t win and that is it losing respect all over the world. Even if they were to impeach the man tomorrow it will take years to undo everything hes fucked up and i’m not sure the next president will want to. No matter what the mis-term elections bring it going to be along time before we see of a positive nature. But lets take things one at a time first lets forget about arming teachers and start thinking about something useful in gun control. Lets get some people who have been in a fire fight to help make theses decisions instead of these idiots like the Trumpster who don’t know which end the bullet comes out of. i’m starting to get riled up so I should stop know and I will. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


February 18, 2018

Well another week in the books and what a week. The Trumpster continues to make the US a laughing stock all over the world at the expense of innocents. By now unless you’ve been living in a cave you know about the school shooting in Florida and like usual gun control is the topic. I searched my memory and came up wit a few interesting insights. First I believe 60 years ago when I was 12 it was easy to get a rifle or shot gun. The difference being there weren’t any automatic weapons for sale. You didn’t need any kind of legal paperwork to one. A pistol on the other hand required a police back ground check and you had to go before a judge and explain why you wanted one. But then Viet Nam happened and gun manufactures got rich and then the war ended and what were they supposed to do with those brand new factories and those huge stockpiles of of unwanted AR15’s and other automatic and semi automatic weapons. Well sell them to the people. Remember existing gun laws at the time were much more lax then they were today. Now were looking at over 300,000,000 guns sold and owned in the US the majority are legal so who knows exactly how many are on the streets. Ok so now after the cat is out o the bag you want to put controls in, good luck. You see that number up there what are you going to do about that confiscate them all, ask people to surrender them. Not going to happen. Yes I agree there are too many guns and something has to be done. The only thing I can think of is some serious restrictions on the sale of ammunition and its components, you know bullets casing and gunpowder. Increased penalties won’t stop the crazies but it might help a little. People say mental health care should be improved. Do you remember what happened in the 60’s when everybody was running to a shrink. That was the beginning of the drug culture you remember Mothers little helper. I know there has to be an answer to the problem but it’s sort of like health care everybody complains but nobody is willing to come up with a good solution. One of my ideas is that gun manufacturers have to be held accountable when the gun they make end up in the hands of criminals. Well I completely ruined my Sunday by talking about this shit so I’ll say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

I do these kinds of posts every once in awhile, there about this and that. First up the Trumpster’s spending bill that would increase the national debt to 7.1 trillion dollars. I don’t even know what those numbers look like. The Trumpster is doing what he’s always done and thats spending other people money and not caring about the consequences. He will do what he’s always done bankrupt the country and walk away richer than ever. The Olympics are going on and it looked like there might have been some progress on the North Korean front. Of course vice president Pence was there and wasn’t included in any of the conversations so he got pissed just like he did when the gay athlete didn’t want to talk to him, and you think you want this cry baby in the oval office. Speaking of cry babies the NCAA which is an organization of colleges to control sport in the country just denied some appeal from the University of Notre Dame. Now the university is complaining about the organization there a member of. I call Bull shit on this one. And finally we go back to the Trumpster. His lawyer has admitted paying the porn star Stormy Daniels 130,000 dollars through a company set up up for that purpose in Delaware. Now the question is why did he pay her. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t for being the pop corn girl at a political rally. Oh one more little thing it would seem since the President goes around making racist statements that it’s OK for everyone too, NOT TRUE people.Well that’s it for today this is Fats (Flounder is taking a nap) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Welcome to Sunday and another post only half of you will read. Today we’re going to talk Trumpster again and I know this is something a lot of you don’t want to see here. Tough noogies it’s my blog and I get to write whatever the hell I want too. I agree with people that say the Trumpster is a despicable human being, what I object to is the daily bitchin that that comes across as being obsessive. Yes he’s not a nice guy but either are the rst of the politicians in government. His biggest fault like that of all politicians is that they’ve never worked for a living. In the Trumpster’s case he’s never even had to use a dime of his on money. Now if you take that and then place him in a position of ultimate power you begin to see why he just doesn’t care about others. Now like I said I think some of his critics are focusing to much on him. He is just the ultimate in whats wrong with our government. We have a government that is not in touch with the realities of life in the real world. They don’t care that are veterans are not being cared for like they should be. The worst is how they treated WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam vets. A good portion of them didn’t ask to risk there lives they were drafted. Today if a man or a woman volunteers to put there life on the line for there country they should at least expect to have leadership that gives a dam about them. The Trumpster is a self absorbed dick which becomes very evident when he wants a military parade. But he isn’t the only one out there every Senator or Congressman doesn’t give a shit about the little guy. That includes Hillary people that voted for her either didn’t really know her or voted for her because she was a woman or because she wasn’t the Trumpster. We all want to change the way things have been done in recent years the best way to do this is to people not affiliated with this party or that but actually understand the frustration of the people and are willing to take the time to go to DC and try to get things done. Speaking of getting things done i’ve got some other things to do today (like take a nap) so it’s time for me to say this is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. One final note I notice a lot of you don’t bother going to my site except on Sunday so I will now begin to post randomly as well as on Sundays.


February 6, 2018

I know it only Tuesday and why am I posting you say. Well I felt compelled to say something about this years Super Bowl. I actually picked the Eagles and I’m not sure why I did. I really wanted to see the Patriots win and then have Belichick retire and leave Brady without any coaches and then maybe we’d see how good he really is. The Eagles played a heel of a game and Foles had his career moment. Actually everybody from the coach down had a career game. The betting looked like somebody knew something ahead of time the same better that caused vegans to lose so much during the world series came back and did it again in the super Bowl. I didn’t see anything to make me think that something crooked was going on but who knows right. It will make for great conversation during the off season. Well that’s all I got so this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well I’m afraid this is going to be a Trumpster post today I just can’t avoid it. The Trumpster did his State of the Union address to congress this week and I waited till today to put in my two cents. A lot of what he claimed he inherited from the Democratic administration, but that inheritance is now gone so what happens next is strictly his doing and he can neither claim the good nor blame the bad on it from now on. For whatever the reason after his speech the stock market took a dive of over 600 points on Friday. The dollar is weaker against other world currencies and black unemployment spiked He his however rising in popularity polls mainly because of his tax cuts. Those tax cuts which if you factor inflation will amount to almost t nothing for the regular citizen will come back to haunt the country. For one thing they are inflationary and thats never a good thing for the common guy. They also raise the debt to such an extent that they will probably go after social security and Medicare to try and pay for the cuts. That means the little guy that has paid into it his whole life will now see it used to help pay for executive bonus’s. Getting back to the Trumpster he will do almost anything to get reelected, not because he loves the job he adores the attention and it make him feel important. don’t be surprised if just before the election in 2020 he make some sort of move against North Korea. He might do it this election and pray for a huge success and a carry over to 2020. The Trumpster authorized the release of a top secret memo this week and even his own party thought it was the wrong thing to do but you know the Trumpster don’t think just do. Well it’s time to start getting ready for my Super Bowl party so I’ll say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.