February 18, 2018

Well another week in the books and what a week. The Trumpster continues to make the US a laughing stock all over the world at the expense of innocents. By now unless you’ve been living in a cave you know about the school shooting in Florida and like usual gun control is the topic. I searched my memory and came up wit a few interesting insights. First I believe 60 years ago when I was 12 it was easy to get a rifle or shot gun. The difference being there weren’t any automatic weapons for sale. You didn’t need any kind of legal paperwork to one. A pistol on the other hand required a police back ground check and you had to go before a judge and explain why you wanted one. But then Viet Nam happened and gun manufactures got rich and then the war ended and what were they supposed to do with those brand new factories and those huge stockpiles of of unwanted AR15’s and other automatic and semi automatic weapons. Well sell them to the people. Remember existing gun laws at the time were much more lax then they were today. Now were looking at over 300,000,000 guns sold and owned in the US the majority are legal so who knows exactly how many are on the streets. Ok so now after the cat is out o the bag you want to put controls in, good luck. You see that number up there what are you going to do about that confiscate them all, ask people to surrender them. Not going to happen. Yes I agree there are too many guns and something has to be done. The only thing I can think of is some serious restrictions on the sale of ammunition and its components, you know bullets casing and gunpowder. Increased penalties won’t stop the crazies but it might help a little. People say mental health care should be improved. Do you remember what happened in the 60’s when everybody was running to a shrink. That was the beginning of the drug culture you remember Mothers little helper. I know there has to be an answer to the problem but it’s sort of like health care everybody complains but nobody is willing to come up with a good solution. One of my ideas is that gun manufacturers have to be held accountable when the gun they make end up in the hands of criminals. Well I completely ruined my Sunday by talking about this shit so I’ll say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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