November 25, 2018

Well here’s hoping everybody survived Turkey Day and Black Friday. Now all we have left is Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve., Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years day, Then were into next year and thats a whole new drama. Turkey day usually starts out with the pressure of getting the meal ready. Then you have to wait for the unexpected guest and the usual late arrivals. After dinner come Football and desert which includes alcoholic beverages. Then as the night progresses and Alcohol starts to work disagreements might arise or old grudges might surface or just the let down might set in,thus begins the Holiday depression. How can people be so hapy looking and so depressed at the same time. For me it’s the fact that I love the childish aspects of Christmas you know the music, the tree, the decorations lights etc.. I have a child like expectation of what Christmas should be so you can see I’ve already set myself up for failure. We all do this to a certain degree but the real pressure comes with New Years Eve. Psychologist say there’s so much pressure to have an amazing great time that most of us either fake it or just smile and be miserable. Now we’ve set the seen for the taking down of the tree, for me this is a real bummer and I refuse to be involved. I just can’t see this season go even though it never goes the way I want it I just can’t let it go. Here’s a little story about New Years Eve. When I was young we would head into the city to a little bar called the Golden Rail not to be confused with the much more famous Brass Rail. We had become friends with the owner a wonderful Jewish lady and the bartender, who had a “Colorful past”. As midnight would approach we would but anything of value in the safe and head out for Times Square. Things were different back then no roadblocks and you could move freely in and out of the area at will. So there we were watching the Ball drop having fun sharing a Fat Boy with a stranger and may a swig from a bottle of Dom. Midnight would arrive and we kissed as many girls as we could. But the like all good thing it was time to get back to the bar. Well that was much more dangerous then the walk there. I witnessed brothers punching it out girl friends screaming at each other and I thought Happy New Year. So I got back to the bar through ly depressed by what I had witnessed and proceeded to ensure the New Years day would be just as depressing by getting as drunk as I could. So you this time of year Depression is lurking just about every where. But if you manage to avoid it when it raises it’s ugly head this can be the best time of year. This is Flounder and Fats saying hang in there baby and CIAO from Medellin Colombia,

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and although it’s primarily an American holiday most of the world dose celebrate the day after known as Black Friday. Well before you all run out to spend your know this. Retailers have spent the last month raising prices just for this day. If you haven’t researched your purchase for the last couple of months I preparation for a Black Friday sale you will probably get screwed. you’ll run into the store and you’ll see the leader items a good discounts. But the stores know you won’t just buy that one item. So when you see the second thing on your list at 20% percent off and other items a 20 to 30% or more off you go WOW this is great. The problem is that the store quietly raised to price on these items prior to the holiday so you’d think you were getting a good deal, the other thing to look out for is the sign that says 50% percent of manufactures list price. First thing to know is nobody sell at list price and that the price your looking at might be as little as 5% off the actual selling price. Yo have to remember the store are in the business of making money not giving it away Ok enjoy your Turkey and the football game I know we will this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

Ok this week is Thanksgiving and although they don’t celebrate the holiday down here they do celebrate Black Friday. I find it somewhat depressing that holidays meant for family are now turning into non holidays. We see more and more stores opening earlier and earlier for the sales, some even opening on the day itself. The Christmas season starts in lat August now with stores fully decorated for Christmas way before Halloween. Halloween is referred to as children’s day down here in Colombia and it pretty much is about the kids. But the retailers make it difficult to find costumes as they are all ready displaying Christmas decorations. It seems as corporations are running and ruining the Holiday season. If you live in Colombia and need a last minute Christmas decoration all I have to sac is good luck. Most Christmas items are removed by Dec 11. as for the people they begin to party and drink on Dec. 1. A really surprising thing about Colombia, a Catholic Country, is that Christmas is not a big deal in the Church. On Christmas eve. And Christmas morning people are parting to much to worry about church. It seem the holiday represents some sort of Olympic event with people seeing just how much liqueur they can consume and still stand up. Now I expect this kind of behavior on New Years ever but not on Christmas eve. Kids are given their gifts at midnight and then left to their own devices as their parents proceed to get stupid drunk. Christmas morning just means the party continues usually to around 2 in the afternoon. Then a deathly quite descends on the area until New Years. When I was a kid Christmas was a wonderful time. My father would seal off the living room two weeks before and secretly create a Christmas spectacular with trains and lights and gifts surrounding the tree I´ve tried to keep it going but it’s a losing battle especially now that I’m in my 70´s. I will say it the saddest part of getting g older. I my youth there was always a feeling of depression the day after Christmas but I find it hard to deal with the before even more now. Well we’ll at least have Turkey and instant mashed potatoes, instant gravy and frozen peas at Thanksgiving this year, it’s my curse to want this time of year to stay the same as it was when I was a child. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia and enjoy your Turkey day.

Goood morning everyone. Always wanted to do that since I saw Robin Williams in good morning Viet Nam. Any how lets talk about Apple and Amazon. An article I read this morning inn CNN business stated that these two giants of retail in the way Apple products are handled on Amazon. Small companies cannot sell there Apple products unless licensed by Apple to do so. They cannot repair unless licensed by Apple and can’t resell used products unless licensed be Apple. This applies only to products and services offered on Amazon, but since Amazon is the largest outlet for such products it means that the little guy has lost the ability to be competitive on Amazon. Now I love Amazon it allows me to purchase products down here that I would otherwise be unable to get. Granted they are a little expensive because of the shipping but still it¿s great for me. I would have to wait until someone was coming here or a visit if I need a new wood carving tool. They don’t sell everything I need down here, so I have to either get it from Amazon or make it myself. Now as for Apple I hate there stuff because I believe it’s overpriced and Apple has created a cult like atmosphere around its products so people feel its necessary to buy new products every year no matter the cost. The deal between Apple and Amazon just proves that the little business on the corner is destined to be obsolete. The bigger these companies become and the more modern they become mean small business will be a thing of the past. Now if that happens down here unemployment would skyrocket. Up there it would definitely spike a little. I say a little because unemployment has a waiting period for the self employed and then benefits will eventually run out. You some how I have to find some topics that aren’t so depressing to write about especially with the Holidays coming. Well any haw this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia .


November 8, 2018

Well I ‘m back and well rested but I woke up this morning to news of another mass shooting in the US and it was in a nice area and had no logical explanation for it. Now I don’t want to get into this right now because I really don’t have enough information yet, so what am I doing here if not to write about that well its the Trumpster and his press conference yesterday. He pulled the credentials of a CNN reporter because he didn’t like his attitude and his question. it’s been pretty obvious for a long time that the Trumpster doesn’t believe in a free press and that he can’t stand to be called out when he has done something stupid. What did he do that was stupid this time? He put out an obvious racist ad and then was forced to take it down when most social and network media took it down for the reason it was considered racist. When the reported started to ask him about the Trumpster lost his cool. After watching the press conference I ‘ve come to the opinion the there is something mentally wrong with him. It maybe nothing more then his reaction to the stress of the election or it could have been just the question. I believe one of the reasons he canceled a scheduled trip down here to Colombia is they feel he needs rest before he stars campaigning for 2020,that brings me to another issue I have . It seem all presidents star campaigning for reelection almost immediately and don’t really do much else after the first year. Then in there second term they do a little in the first two years then they start traveling and saying good bye. I think that the Presidential term of office should be changed to one term of six years. This would eliminate his need to waste time campaigning and spend more time doing his job. Now back to the Trumpster who I thin never wanted the job of President he just enjoyed campaigning in front of large cheering fans, sort of like a actor or sports star. He not only doesn’t want to govern he has no idea has on how to go about doing it. Now you take that along with his apparent instability and you have a country in deep shit. More on this as we move along for now this Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


November 7, 2018

Well last night was the big election and the Democrats won the house and the Republicans kept the senate. The Democrats are overjoyed although I can’t tell why. With neither party controlling both the senate and the house pretty much nothing will get done. And a problem for the Democrats is that the Republicans will be able to point there fingers at them and blame every thing on them. I don¿t see anything great happening in the next two years. I mean I know Democrats think they can change things now but thats not true. They can’t repeal any legislation or impeach the president because they need the Senate to approve. Now the Trumpster will keep doing what he’s doing and unfortunately I think he stand a better than 50% chance of getting reelected. Boy I just heard a lot of No fucking way. Well yes way the Dems don’t really have a strong candidate that could garnish enough votes to beat him. The list of potential candidates is long and for me not to well known. You have Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, house members Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Kennedy, Beto Orouke, Governors, Andrew Cuomo. Deval Patrick and of course Joe Biden Eric Holder and many others. You see why I say the Trumpster is favored right now, there are too many Democrats. They have less than two years to find one and with this list I don’t see them coming up with a good one that could garnish enough votes to be the next President. Well listen I was up all last night so I’m going to take a nap and be back later.

I was sitting around reading these articles on immigration and how upset the Trumpster is about people coming to his country. Well first it isn’t his country. All white people in this country are decedents of foreigners who have immigrated to this country. I don’t care if you say my family has been here sense the 1500’s your still descended from an immigrant. The only true American people are the Native American Indians whom we have tried to exterminate ever since we got here. Today we’re trying to prevent them from voting. We have consigned them to what we call reservations where we lied to them about taking care of them. Every time we find that they have something of value we figure out a way to steal it from them. It amazes me that when we accuse countries in the UN of genocide that they don’t stand up and demand that the Unite States be held to the same standard. All they have to do is look at Wounded Knee to see an example of this. We now have a fat white man as president who wants this country to an all white country. Well to get that its going to take more than politics its going to take a civil war like no other one on earth and when its done this country will not look anything we recognize,no matter which side wins. And you know what the Native American people will be standing there shaking there head at how badly we screwed every thing up. They be saying we gave them what ever they didn’t take from us and they’ve destroyed it or squandered it and if we try to make our lives better they want to take that from us as well. There is such a thing as Karma and the country and its present leader ship have built up a lot of bad Karma it they will wake up one day and say what did we do wrong. That is most of them the Trumpster and his minions will find somebody else to blame for the failed environment. Well I ‘ve thoroughly depressed myself now I hope tomorrow will bring some sort of new hope to this desperate situation just like I hope someday the Indian will live proud and free as they once did, this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia