November 5, 2018

I was sitting around reading these articles on immigration and how upset the Trumpster is about people coming to his country. Well first it isn’t his country. All white people in this country are decedents of foreigners who have immigrated to this country. I don’t care if you say my family has been here sense the 1500’s your still descended from an immigrant. The only true American people are the Native American Indians whom we have tried to exterminate ever since we got here. Today we’re trying to prevent them from voting. We have consigned them to what we call reservations where we lied to them about taking care of them. Every time we find that they have something of value we figure out a way to steal it from them. It amazes me that when we accuse countries in the UN of genocide that they don’t stand up and demand that the Unite States be held to the same standard. All they have to do is look at Wounded Knee to see an example of this. We now have a fat white man as president who wants this country to an all white country. Well to get that its going to take more than politics its going to take a civil war like no other one on earth and when its done this country will not look anything we recognize,no matter which side wins. And you know what the Native American people will be standing there shaking there head at how badly we screwed every thing up. They be saying we gave them what ever they didn’t take from us and they’ve destroyed it or squandered it and if we try to make our lives better they want to take that from us as well. There is such a thing as Karma and the country and its present leader ship have built up a lot of bad Karma it they will wake up one day and say what did we do wrong. That is most of them the Trumpster and his minions will find somebody else to blame for the failed environment. Well I ‘ve thoroughly depressed myself now I hope tomorrow will bring some sort of new hope to this desperate situation just like I hope someday the Indian will live proud and free as they once did, this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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