August 27, 2017

Tequila has been around since the 16th century and is named after the Mexican city of Tequila. Eighty years later around 1600 Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle the Marquis of Altamira began manufacturing Tequila in the modern day territory of Jalisco. King Carlos IV granted the Cuervo family the first license to commercially make Tequila. His grandson Don Francisco Javier insisted “there cannot be Tequila where there are no Agaves!” His actions resulted in Real Tequila only allowed to come from the Mexican State of Jalisco. A class of Tequila known as extra Anejo or ultra aged had a bottle sell for 225,000 dollars in 2006 by a company called Tequila 925. The bottle was displayed I a platinum and gold display and is the Guinness world record as the most expensive bottle of Tequila ever sold. You may have heard of Mezcal and its worm the only liqueur allowed to be sold with that name. The worm is added as a marketing gimmick and is actual a moth larvae which destroys agave plants. Here are the various classes of Tequila
Blanco also referred to as white or silver aged less than two months in stainless steel barrels.
Joven, or young unaged silver Tequila with caramel coloring, oak extract and glycerin or sugar syrup.
Reposada (rested) aged min of two months but less than a year.
Anejo (aged or vintage) aged one year but less than three in small Oak barrels.
Extra Anejo aged min. of three years in oak barrels.
All Tequilas to be served traditionally should be accompanied by Sangrita a mix of OJ, Tomato juice and hot chilies.
This concludes my basic history of Tequila now take a look at what’s going on in the world crab a bottle and let’s get drunk. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO From Medellin, Colombia and yes they have Tequila down here.


I’ve been doing a lot of history reading this week trying to figure out where it all went to shit. Now I know everybody is screaming when they elected the Trumpster. No I think it goes back way further than that. I use to think it started with Nixon and his desire to destroy the middle class, but I think it might go further all the way back to the founding fathers. That far you say; yes I think so. You may not be able to see this but our country and its constitution were brought about by elitists. You know people who think they know more than everybody else or as we like to call them today politicians. Now when you have a government formed by people like that you’re going to have a lot of hidden agendas. Now I don’t claim to know what all those agendas were but I think you can see some of them coming to the forefront in today’s headlines. The first is that white people are superior to others. We know this is not new we saw it when the first explorers got here and decided that the natives had to go. We committed our first act of genocide back then. Something we have gone to war with other countries when they did it and yet we’ve done nothing to help the Indian regain his place in this country. As you study our history you’ll see that we have a knack for using minorities when it fits the white agenda. Now some people are going he’s saying he thinks blacks have a case. Well yes they do not as big as the American Indians but yes they have a case. They were brought here as slaves not found here and almost killed to extinction. When we discuss racial issues or immigrant issues we seem to forget the American Indian. Well let’s get back on point. The elite of this country have been planning it’s take over since the beginning and now they have a do nothing congress and senate and a President who is delusional with an opposition party that hasn’t got a clue. This is what you would call a perfect storm. People are desperate for someone to take control and when people get desperate they do and say things that they feel will get them to that safe place. You saw it not too long ago in Venezuela where a desperate poor population grasped on to what they thought was a savior in Chavez and instead they ended worse off than before. The Trumpster sold himself as a savior but instead brought hate and confusion. When he eventually leaves he will leave in place a group of elitists who have a mandate of the people to save them. Then when it’s too late they’ll realize they’ve been had. This is Flounder and Fats short timers on this planet saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

This has been one scary week with Kim and the Trumpster threatening to blow each other up. For you young folk out there that don’t remember the Cold War, they use to say that there was a mathematical formula for predicting a first strike. Apparently if either Russia or the US reached a prediction a survival rate of I believe 27% that was good enough for a first strike. Now if that’s not scary enough for you think about this, no one knows the exact effect of hundreds of Megaton weapons being set off in the atmosphere within hours of each other. Oh they’ll give you fallout patterns and other bullshit but truth be told no one knows. Do we know if the oxygen will be burned off to a degree that we’ll all suffocate? It’s a pretty good guess that the ass hole who will be pushing the buttons will be in bunkers with years supplies but the rest of will be screwed. All those bombs going off will alter wind patterns so those places they say will be safe from fallout most likely won’t be. When we were in junior high my friends and I decided that when the alert went out we would try to get to the top of the Empire State building with some good scotch so there would be a little brighter flame in the center of the explosion. I should say here that back then A Bombs were exploded in the air for maxim effect and that the ideal height was the same as the Empire state building. Why did we want to do this because in the fifties they should clips of what the people looked like a few years after Hiroshima? The biggest reason we haven’t had a nuclear war yet is simply because no one would survive. As crazy as Kim and the Trumpster I believe, at least for now, there are enough sane people around to keep them from hitting the button. But one thing the Trumpster should be very careful about is don’t back that little shit into a tight corner. Because if you do you better hope you’re staying at your local bombproof resort. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well here we are another Sunday I look at Sunday as the end of the week while others say it’s the beginning of the week. I don’t think it makes much difference in the long run. Anyhow yesterday was Fats and his wife’s 13th wedding anniversary. Something that I’m sure will surprise the world. But ok congratulations Fats and Mrs. Fats now let’s get down to business.
It has come to my intention that there has been a movement in both parties over the last few years to restrict voting and public assembly for the purpose of protesting government policies. There are at present around 20 states either with signed laws or proposed laws that would in some manner restrict protesting or increase penalties. Now to be fair most of these make some sense, the part that bothers me is that they can be left up to interpretation which would allow for misuse of the law. There is also a move to restrict who can vote be the use of voter registration laws again on the surface they don’t look that bad. But here there is a lot more room for misuse of the law. Both of these instances once again show how politicians don’t want the common man involved in decision making. As I’ve stated here before politicians not just in the US but everywhere don’t that the majority of people know what’s best for them and that they need that elitist to show them the way. If you stop looking at your cell phone for a minute you might notice that what I’m saying is actually happening all around the world. If you look at Venezuela you’ll see that they are so desperate to curtail protest that they are going to rewrite the constitution. Now that might take protest to civil war but unless the army joins in it won’t stand a chance of succeeding. Well look it’s a beautiful day down here so I’m going to stop and say CIAO from Flounder and Fats in Medellin, Colombia.