August 13, 2017

This has been one scary week with Kim and the Trumpster threatening to blow each other up. For you young folk out there that don’t remember the Cold War, they use to say that there was a mathematical formula for predicting a first strike. Apparently if either Russia or the US reached a prediction a survival rate of I believe 27% that was good enough for a first strike. Now if that’s not scary enough for you think about this, no one knows the exact effect of hundreds of Megaton weapons being set off in the atmosphere within hours of each other. Oh they’ll give you fallout patterns and other bullshit but truth be told no one knows. Do we know if the oxygen will be burned off to a degree that we’ll all suffocate? It’s a pretty good guess that the ass hole who will be pushing the buttons will be in bunkers with years supplies but the rest of will be screwed. All those bombs going off will alter wind patterns so those places they say will be safe from fallout most likely won’t be. When we were in junior high my friends and I decided that when the alert went out we would try to get to the top of the Empire State building with some good scotch so there would be a little brighter flame in the center of the explosion. I should say here that back then A Bombs were exploded in the air for maxim effect and that the ideal height was the same as the Empire state building. Why did we want to do this because in the fifties they should clips of what the people looked like a few years after Hiroshima? The biggest reason we haven’t had a nuclear war yet is simply because no one would survive. As crazy as Kim and the Trumpster I believe, at least for now, there are enough sane people around to keep them from hitting the button. But one thing the Trumpster should be very careful about is don’t back that little shit into a tight corner. Because if you do you better hope you’re staying at your local bombproof resort. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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