June 29, 2015

stuff Well another Monday is here. I know I said I would have another couple of posts last week but I had some doctor appointments and quite frankly wasn’t in the mood to post. Today we’re going to talk about some of the STUFF that’s been going on in the world. First up the Confederate Flag, a lot of Southern states are removing the flag from public buildings and I’m Ok with that but I’m not Ok with NASCAR banning the flag or Wal-Mart refusing to see it or any products that have it pictured. They say they are doing this because the flag represents Slavery. Now I have to tell you I never thought of the flag in that context to me and my friend it represented rebellion. And being around in the sixties we were all rebelling against something. I think NASCAR is going to have some problems banning the flag since I believe it would be unconstitutional. You know the whole freedom of expression thing. Next we have the Supreme Court decision legalizing same couple marriages in all states. Man you could just here the collective groan from the various religions around the country. As for me I remember when interracial marriage was a big issue and still is. My mom would say they will have a harder time making it work because both parents would be against it, to me it’s a none issue and there are other things to worry about. Donald Trump is running for President and as far as I can tell everybody’s happy because his idiot statements will keep people from focusing on the real issues facing this country. He’ll soon be joined by another foot in mouth politician Chris Christy. Should either one of these idiots become president I would suggest everybody start looking into buying cave in Montana. I could go on there has been more crap in the news lately then in a long time must be crap season. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


June 21, 2015

img006Today is the service for my niece Kim I guess she really is gone. But she will be forever in my heart. Today is also Fathers Day and I know her dad is holding her hand and telling her not to worry everybody will be OK. I know she wasn’t ready to leave us yet but fate has its way of taking that decision out of our hands. But now she’ll be able to watcher family every minute of every day. That’s no consolation for not being able to hold them. But they’ll know she’s there as they feel a faint breeze at bed time, or graduation, or wedding day. They’ll know that they’ve just felt the kiss of their loving mother. Her sister Janet will always feel her presence and her sense of humor. I hope she can get Janet to stop working so hard. I always thought the two of them would open a restaurant together or write poetry books. But now well we’ll see maybe she’ll be that guiding hand in her sister future. I never really got to know her husband Bill that well, I met him when her father passed. Not really the best time to get to know someone. I hope he will be able to carry on and keep the boys on the straight and narrow. I only met her oldest son Billy when he was one year old and we don’t really talk anymore maybe someday I’ll know why. And Jackson the youngest I’ve never met so we never talked except when he thanked me for a Christmas gift. I had hoped that if things went well I would be able to work something out to see them next year, there’s a lesson to be learned there don’t procrastinate. Well the time has come to say good bye Kim and like your dad says don’t worry you gave your kids enough to succeed. Someday when it’s my turn maybe I’ll understand why some of the bad things in life happen, at least I hope I will. I also wish I had their talent for writing so I could say the things I want in a better way. This is Uncle Jeff saying a Final CIAO to me gorgeous Niece KIM from Medellin, Colombia.


June 15, 2015

11210464_10205908541533306_5317124778111025551_nThis is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write. On Thursday June 11 my youngest niece passed away unexpectedly she was only Fifty years young. She left behind two great sons and a loving husband. She also left behind her sister who lost her best friend. I lost another part of my family one who I loved very much and though I hadn’t seen her since I moved to Colombia I still kept up with her and her family by Facebook. I’ve read all the messages left there for her and I so grateful that people care so much for her. I never saw her angry and I’ll always remember her smile. She had suffered loss with the death of her parents from cancer and then my mom her grandmother. But she was so happy with her family the boys as she referred to them. I know they felt that pride and love from her as did her husband. I can’t understand how this happened and either can anybody else. I just think Billy Joel was right only the good die young. I worried how she would react to more loss never in a million years thinking that I would sitting here writing about her passing. She was part of my brother and his wife both of whom I miss terribly. I’ve learned one thing life is short live it now don’t wait. I think my niece did this she had retired young and spent time watching her kids grow into young men. I know she would have wanted to stay around and finish the job but she gave them the tools to finish and I know she’ll be proudly watching them every step of the way. Flounder has the day off so this is a sad Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


June 8, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again I was asked why I write a blog that only about sixty people look at and maybe 10 actually read. And why I write books that only my family and close friend buy. Well for both the reason are similar I live in a country where for some deep psychological reason I can’t master the language. I’m retired and me wife spends her day babysitting the grandson. There’s really not much for me to do except take a walk and not much to see. I could go to a mall and spend money I don’t have (my wife does a good job of that). Now when I was in the US a would jumper in my car and if it was summer go fishing if fall check out the colors and if it was winter see if I could spot some animals. So I write to keep myself busy and stop the boredom. The blog is my opinion of something or it could be me just trying to piss somebody off, my books are my imagination running wild. I don’t do either for money although that would be nice. I do it to entertain myself and as in the case with my blog to get out some of the frustrations I have with people. I know my writing could use a good editor but they cost money and being on a fixed income prevents me from doing that. Well I hope that answers your questions for a Monday if not too bad this Flounder saying CIAO form Medellin, Colombia


June 2, 2015

imagesWell I missed yesterday so sue me I had stuff to do. Now for today’s I was thinking what part to your past do you either could do again or would want in your life now. I realize of course that some of my readers aren’t quite as old as Jeff and me. Jeff is 69 and I’m 15, which translates into 76 human years so I’m the senior member of this partnership. But for this post let’s just talk about humans. What is it you miss is it some event I know we all miss members of our families that have passed on, but what else? Is it favorite food, a style of music, clothes, and manners? Come on what do you miss. Jeff’s situation is a little different he has moved to a completely different country so what does he miss? Well he says he misses food like a good steak and here something real funny he lives in Colombia and misses good coffee. When he lived in the US he’d go fishing two or three times a week in the summer in the last four years he hasn’t gone once. He misses music but he started to miss good music before he left. He misses friends but thanks to Facebook he stays in touch. Of course he misses his mom and his brother but those are thing you have to get used to as you get older. So how about you what are the things besides the obvious, your youth and your family, that you really miss? This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.