June 15, 2015

11210464_10205908541533306_5317124778111025551_nThis is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write. On Thursday June 11 my youngest niece passed away unexpectedly she was only Fifty years young. She left behind two great sons and a loving husband. She also left behind her sister who lost her best friend. I lost another part of my family one who I loved very much and though I hadn’t seen her since I moved to Colombia I still kept up with her and her family by Facebook. I’ve read all the messages left there for her and I so grateful that people care so much for her. I never saw her angry and I’ll always remember her smile. She had suffered loss with the death of her parents from cancer and then my mom her grandmother. But she was so happy with her family the boys as she referred to them. I know they felt that pride and love from her as did her husband. I can’t understand how this happened and either can anybody else. I just think Billy Joel was right only the good die young. I worried how she would react to more loss never in a million years thinking that I would sitting here writing about her passing. She was part of my brother and his wife both of whom I miss terribly. I’ve learned one thing life is short live it now don’t wait. I think my niece did this she had retired young and spent time watching her kids grow into young men. I know she would have wanted to stay around and finish the job but she gave them the tools to finish and I know she’ll be proudly watching them every step of the way. Flounder has the day off so this is a sad Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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