Cellphone_TheftWell you know how I like to talk about stuff and cell phones are stuff. I just read an article that said in Colombia last year 3 million cell phones were stolen. That works out to something like 8000 a day. Yup you read it right 8000 a day. Now to combat that the Government specifically President Santos wants to ban the import and export of used cell phones. I don’t think that will pass and I don’t think that will work if it does. But the bigger question is what are they really doing with those 3 million stolen cell phones? Do you think they’re stealing info they don’t have to steal the phone to do that? They can just walk by you and clone your phone and get all the info they want. If you think people in America are obsessed with their phones you should see people down here. If they have to go someplace that doesn’t allow cell phone usage they’re almost in a panic and as soon as they get out on goes the phone and they’re texting away. I think I’ve said this before I have a cell phone that’s strictly for emergencies. The people that are texting all the time have limited plans. If you make calls you need to buy minutes because most people can’t afford calling plans or don’t think they’re worth the money. In essence most phones in Colombia are pay as you go yet you must register the phone when you buy it. One thing I’ll tell you is that a cell phone is the biggest big brother tool in the Governments arsenal of spying. They all contain a GPS chip that will locate you to within feet. The cell phone social media are just tools that keep us from interacting on a truly personal basis. Well weekend is here and tomorrow I will actually post something about Jeff and his trains and there will be picture to show his progress. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 28, 2014

John-Jairo-VelasquezYesterday Colombia in its great wisdom decided to release a criminal known as “POPEYE”. This man had been in jail for 22 years for killing presidential candidate Louis Carlos Galan and the bombing of an Avianca plane that killed all 104 people aboard. He also shot and killed his own girlfriend on orders from Pablo Escobar. He was reputed to be Escobar’s no 1 hit man and as such can be tied to the deaths of at least 3000 people. He has admitted to only three hundred that he killed personally. Now to be fair the US does the same thing but to my knowledge they have never made a deal with or released anybody as vicious as “Popeye”. It is said that he has admitted to dismembering some of his victims. He got his early release because of good behavior and he has found God. Well I think this is all a crock of shit. He is asking for protection because he fears for his life. I for one would not want to stand next to this man because unlike the US Mafia these guys down here still kill people for rating on them. I believe that he will be dead if he stays in Colombia and I will have no problem with that. I don’t think law enforcement should make deals with these people so that they can free and write books or movies about their crimes. Don’t give me that bullshit about how the law says they won’t be able to profit from such endeavors because we all know there are ways around the law. I think guys like “Popeye” and Sammy the Bull and others who have killed and admit to it should be shot on sight not only that I believe they should offer rewards to the person who does the shooting. Once again this is a very pissed off Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 27, 2014

1409108278000-Still0826-00010Sorry about the lack of posts but Jeff has been spending a lot of time at the doctors lately. Don’t get upset he’s Ok just making sure. Anyhow we were reading the news this morning and there was an article about a nine year old girl who killed a shooting instructor at a range because she couldn’t control an Uzi. Well not a lot of adults can control a fully automatic Uzi since it fires 750 rounds a minute is small and compact kicks like a mule. So the instructor is dead and my question is. What the hell is a 9 year old doing anywhere with an Uzi in their hands? This goes beyond stupid and the range should be closed and the parents looked at by social services and the police. I’m not an anti gun nut but stories like this give good reasons for gun control. The parents probably didn’t think they did anything wrong by bring the kid to the range, the range instructor didn’t see anything wrong who this either. These parents were on vacation in Arizona from New Jersey numerous interviews with other instructors say this was all wrong. The range in question changed its rules so now there are height and age limits in place. Unfortunately it doesn’t give the instructor and his family any good. This is a really pissed off Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 25, 2014

Tiny-People-4Let’s talk about people like you and Jeff. You won’t like this but your little people. I don’t mean your short or your features are small. I mean in the scope of thing your little people and there are more of you than giant people. Little people are people that get up every morning go to work hope to either be noticed and get a promotion or be ignored and keep their job. They complain about the economy, their boss politics, and their sports teams. Some write letters to the editor while others write blogs like Jeff. These letters and blogs might actually be telling it like it is like some famous writers and bloggers like Mike Taibbi formerly of Rolling Stone Magazine. They write about Business and politics and tell you this banker was there when this or that happened. But nothing ever really comes of the stories because they have no hard evidence or witnesses. So they are little people. The giant people are what are referred to as the one percent. They don’t pay attention the little people because they think they can’t be touched and for the most part their right. If a little person begins to have a following and seems that he or she might make a problem for the giant people they do one of many things. First they might get a scapegoat, you know someone to take the blame for them. Then they might go and offer the little guy a better job, or his own business, or simply money. Now if this doesn’t work or is not practical they make his job go away, they take his house, they discredit them in some way. These steps usually make the little guy go away. But what of his followers you say? Most of these people are just that followers and once there leader is gone they go back to their jobs and hope nobody noticed. That’s how the Hippy movement went away. Just so you know this is all speculation on Jeff’s part although educated speculation so no giants are going to pay any attention to him but if they do Jeff is open to cash bribes. This is Flounder, and I take Cat nip, saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 22, 2014

TOPSHOTS-IRAQ-UNREST-ARMY-EXECUTIONThere’s a new threat in the Mid East and its called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). These people are the most ruthless yet, but the US thinks that a few bombs and bullets will stop them. This idea didn’t work that great in Viet Nam and it ain’t working to well For Israel right now. If you want to stop these people you’re not going to do it with negotiations you’re going to have to be as ruthless as they are. Now everybody is jumping up and down saying if we act like they do they’ve won. Listen people they’ve already won they will control Iraq and they will advance into other countries so long as we sit around and act nice. I don’t like the idea of fighting dirty but I also don’t like the idea of some crazies running around the world killing without punishment. These people believe if they die in a battle with non believers they will go to their heaven as martyrs and be honored and worshipped accordingly. You want to stop let them know you’re willing to fight on their terms and you might just win. This is a very sad Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


August 21, 2014

peacenotwar3-whiteWhy is there no peace in the world? Well that would require more time and room then I have right now. Looking at it from my point of view it seems that’s there’s always somebody who wants what you got. You have to wonder of the all things attributed to the gods, giving people greed was probably the dumbest thing they did. Without greed there wouldn’t be that desire to have everything and then we could all get along together. Ok maybe we should give hate back to? Humans are the most self centered egotistical organisms on this planet. How is it that an act of kindness by an animal doesn’t have the animal parading the act around in front of TV cameras? If a human does it they post it on whatever social media account they have in an attempt to get fifteen minutes of fame. So what have we learned today well you really can’t blame everything on the “Gods” after all they supposedly gave us all free will. You see what I’m saying shrinks will be studying this stuff till the end of the world and probably still won’t have a good answer. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 20, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell hers a story about one of my feline neighbors. Next store to us on the tenth floor lives a Siamese cat whose name I don’t know, but who ahs definitely used up a few of its nine lives. A few days ago Ruby heard a hysterical woman in the hall outside our home. She thought something had happened to the new baby. Eventually she could make out it was the cat. Now at first they thought it was either really sick or had died but neither was correct. Today we got the real story and it’s a doozy. It seems that the cat decided to take a dive of the balcony and that my friends are ten stories down to some really hard ground. Well I expected to hear that the funeral was the other day and that they shouldn’t let me out on the balcony (which they don’t). There will be no funeral the cat survived the fall and is in perfect health and wants to try again. I thought Siamese cats were supposed to be intelligent. Well this is one cat that’s happy to be inside looking out. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 19, 2014





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell we took a long weekend and a lot of things happened first there was a festival at our grandson’s school, then on the weekend ruby worked on her projects while Jeff did some editing on his book and worked on his train setup. We would have done some posts but the news is too depressing. Yesterday the Pope pretty much said bombing the Islamists in Iraq was OK. This is one of the reasons I don’t deal with organized religions. In the US, Missouri looks like 1960 with National Guard troops and demonstrators. In Colombia the long weekend looked like a demo derby with fatal results. The only good thing was Jeff got to watch some preseason NFL games. I have some pictures I’m putting up to show the non violent stuff from the last few days. Now I have to go hide because our grandson came home early from school because he was sick. I think the school could be charged with exporting terrorism anyhow this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

robotsOk so I was reading this article about Robots and how advanced they were becoming. But before you go’ is this another Terminator type story? No not really, but maybe a little, when the personal computer was invented and Windows came along. People believed it would make life easier and help make more jobs. Now they’re telling everybody the same thing Robotics will improve life and create jobs. They might be right at least for the time being but as robots become more able to human tasks, the fewer humans will be necessary. Instead of a hundred humans building a bunch of robots you’ll have one super robot watching other robots assembling robots. If you don’t think this is a possibility look at Detroit automation of assembly lines reduced employees but increased profits. Ah there you that magic word profits you know the one where the company doesn’t care about anything else. Companies aren’t interested in the fact that if nobody’s working for them there will be nobody to buy their products. You know the reason manufacturing and other jobs go overseas? Profits if it costs less to manufacture or make a call from another country that doesn’t have labor or environmental restrictions then that’s what a company is going to do. Now we bring robots into the equation where you now have manufacturing without worrying about employee fatigue or benefits, and guess what? No more human workers. Pretty poor outlook isn’t it. Well I think I’ve pretty well depressed everyone now so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


August 13, 2014

1843608840_cruel_answer_2_xlargeYou remember when you were a kid and somebody said something mean to? You would go home and tell your mom and she would say “Sticks and stones may break your bones but word can never hurt you.” Well that’s not really true in today’s world. All you have to do is read the news and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It would seem that one thing people have learned to do on the internet is what is called character assassination. That means if I post something really negative about you that are not true; by the time you can reply or take it down its too late. Kids have found this out and use as a new way of bullying others. Adults use to make people lives miserable and the sad thing is they think it’s funny. The latest example of this is Robin Williams Daughter Zelda. The comments that were sent to her made her quit her Twitter account because they were causing so much anguish. There must be something wrong in the human gene pool for this kind of behavior to manifest it’s self when people are grieving over the loss of a parent or child. As always when I post things like this I don’t have an answer that would be legal. All I can do as a cat is hope that Karma catches up to these people and they realize what ass holes they are. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.