August 21, 2014

peacenotwar3-whiteWhy is there no peace in the world? Well that would require more time and room then I have right now. Looking at it from my point of view it seems that’s there’s always somebody who wants what you got. You have to wonder of the all things attributed to the gods, giving people greed was probably the dumbest thing they did. Without greed there wouldn’t be that desire to have everything and then we could all get along together. Ok maybe we should give hate back to? Humans are the most self centered egotistical organisms on this planet. How is it that an act of kindness by an animal doesn’t have the animal parading the act around in front of TV cameras? If a human does it they post it on whatever social media account they have in an attempt to get fifteen minutes of fame. So what have we learned today well you really can’t blame everything on the “Gods” after all they supposedly gave us all free will. You see what I’m saying shrinks will be studying this stuff till the end of the world and probably still won’t have a good answer. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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