Moving Day Tomorrow

July 31, 2012

Well the papers are signed and the moving men will be here tomorrow morning. They won’t have much to do Ruby has been packing everything she makes a 20 min move across town into moving the white house to Australia. I don’t think you’ll be seeing any posts from me until Friday they’re going to disconnect the old stuff tomorrow morning and won’t reconnect until sometime Friday afternoon but I will have pictures of the move and of the view from the new place in time for a Friday evening post (I hope). Other than the move not too much to talk about I’m pretty stressed and Ruby doesn’t help that with all her running around in panic mode. Take yesterday for instance the owner of the Apt where we are moving calls at 2:30 and says you need to come now and sign the papers. So Ruby stars running around trying to find someone to watch Hari, couldn’t so we took him with us to do inspection then we had to all go and find a notary and sign everything and we get home we have to call the movers and the cable company and final y it’s time for dinner. It will be even more hectic once we move because John is moving up there until the middle of the month so Ruby will be getting up early and commuting to the old address for a week I guess then it will be just a 10 min walk to Johns house, of course more than half of that is up hill. So listen wish us luck and I guess we’ll talk Friday evening or Saturday Morning CIAO.

Monday and its overcast in Colombia but the weather was spectacular yesterday for both of the events. I just put a few pictures of each on this post the rest are on Facebook, did you know that when you comment on a photo in Facebook it sends me an email? Our email account was full this morning with notices of comments from Facebook and though we love to have all those positive comments they fill the email account and the message folder on Facebook oh well I guess it’s better than not having anybody say anything. Hari was surprisingly quiet during the mass prior to his baptism ceremony, after the fuss he made getting him ready. The only time he got upset was when the priest dipped his head to pour the holy water on his head. John was completely bored during everything as was Jeff although for different reasons. Vanessa’s mother or was it Lewis said next would be first communion and somehow I don’t see that one happening I think they got all the concessions their going to get out of John. The rest of the day was spent with El Jefe and the rest of the family including the aunts celebrating El Jefe’s 74th birthday. Wow that means he’s only 7 years older than Jeff man Jeff is really old time to take him to the dog track and leave him there. Just kidding folks you know I love the old bastard anyhow a great time was had by everyone. Well here are the photos have a good Monday CIAO.

Special Sunday

July 29, 2012

It’s Sunday and it’s entirely too early for me to be up. Everybody is running around get ready for Hari’s baptism which is funny I away because I think only a couple of people are really happy about this any how I have to get out of the way so Jeff can get ready too I’ll be back with pictures later CIAO

Ho Hum Olympics

July 28, 2012

John is driving

The Olympics have started and we tried to watch the opening ceremonies yesterday. I say tried because during the musical numbers the Colombian commentators would shut up so you really didn’t get to hear any of it that  and the cameras kept jumping all over the place we were lucky in one respect we got to see all of it live, from what we understand that wasn’t the case in America. Now it’s Saturday and the coverage is only of the high value sports the Latinos love Bicycle racing and tennis. The Colombian cyclist did when the silver so I can’t really complain about it. Jeff loves archery and the shooting events as well as field events (Javelin, discus, hammer etc.)  But if you’re lucky they will show the final two competitors and that’s it. There was a gold awarded in air gun competition this morning Jeff thinks it would have been cool to see the weapon and how accurate these people can be but he understands that with the recent shooting in Colorado he probably won’t get to see any of it. The guns and bows these people use in competition are not something the normal person could afford they serve only one purpose and that’s as target weapons the cost in the thousands so not to many of these weapons ever see hunting or backyard shooting the price and the fact that they are made for the individual using it. When they’re done with it they hang them up on the wall or take them apart to make new ones. I liked the Olympics better when there wasn’t so much money involved in competing and most of the athletes weren’t professionals per say and were there to win for their country rather than personal gain which seems to be the reason now. I know I’m a dreamer and an old guy but that’s me. The previous comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions.


July 27, 2012

Another late post reason because no internet this morning and talking to the owner of the apartment we want and guess what we got it. We’ll probably be moving on Thursday or Friday next week. Wait until you see pictures of the view from the balcony it’s spectacular. I know I said Jeff was going to rant today but he decided he’ll do it tomorrow, nobody reads the blog on the weekend anyhow. The Olympics have started (YAWN) so there won’t be a lot of other stuff on TV during the day. It will be different listening to announcers in Spanish describe swimming and diving events I don’t think they can go SCOOOOOOORE during a 400 meter free style swim but who knows. I think John will be moving at the same time so maybe we can get a discount on the moving company again we’ll have to wait and see. Well I have to go and start packing my food and water and such later CIAO.

A new day

July 26, 2012

Thursday and nothing’s going on Jeff and Ruby looked at what they hope will be their new apartment the view is incredible, maybe because they’re 10 floors up. They’re going to paint it so even if they get it they’re not sure when they will be able to move in. Jeff hope Ruby understands that there is a limit to how much rent he’s going to pay if she doesn’t well. Hari is going to get Baptized this Sunday quite a concession on John’s part sense he is Krishna, I think Hari like John should make up his own mind later in life, but what do I know I’m just a cat. The Olympics are back and I know a lot of people are excited but sense they don’t give a lot coverage to the events that Jeff is interested in I don’t expect he’ll be watching them. They always give tons of coverage to the glamour events such as swimming and (down here) soccer, gymnastics and track and field. Jeff interests are more into judo, shooting and archery. Does he have a violent streak in him or maybe he’s just a serial killer hiding out in Colombia? Oh well it’s too late for me to run and hide now ( just kidding you know).Well tomorrow is going to be a Jeff rant day so maybe you guys should start your weekend early CIAO.


July 25, 2012

OK I decided to let Jeff have on quick rant here goes; You have probably read or heard  the Sally Ride the first woman in space passed away after a long battle with cancer and I’m sure you all feel sadness at her passing. But what pisses me off is all the scum sucking dirt bags that are taking her passing and using to bash gays. Some of the comments I’ve read on the internet make me want hunt down these idiots and rip their throats out threw their ass. This is a time to honor all her accomplishment s in her life not call her names or say she was only given the chance to go into space because she was a woman. It seem there are a whole lot of, mostly men, who feel threatened by a woman who has achieved so much and they desire nothing more than try to besmirch her legacy. Well I’m here to tell you it ain’t going to work and the can all kiss my ass and finally all I can say is she will missed by those who appreciated by those that know her story and RIDE SALLY RIDE.


July 25, 2012

They refer to Wednesday as hump day because the weekend is closer it used to be the day, or should I say night, when all the single people that wanted a date on their weekend went to the bars and trolled for dates. Sounds exciting doesn’t it Jeff didn’t have to worry he was one of the bartenders all he was interested on was money and if the girls sowed up the guys with the money wouldn’t be far behind. Jeff and Ruby are going to try and check out their new apt and maybe sign the papers tonight but we’ll have to wait and see. Its Ruby’s father’s birthday Friday and finding a gift for El Jefe is not easy but we’ll see. There’s going to be a party at Nelida’s house on Sunday afternoon I think. This is big THE BOOK IS DONE it has to be reformatted to match book size when that’s all done it will go to a couple of friends to be reviewed and have editorial suggestions made then on to the publisher. Jeff doesn’t expect to get rich or become famous he just enjoys writing and has book two already in his head and will write it no matter how successful or unsuccessful his first endeavor is. Well I don’t have much else for today and I’m not letting Jeff do any ranting until maybe Friday so CIAO.

Time for a Jeff rant: you know by now the tragic story of the theater shooting in Colorado and that the sicko that did the shooting got a lot of his stuff on the internet. I’m far from being anti gun what I am is anti 100 round magazines and assault rifles whose only legitimate purpose is to kill another human being, now if the weapon in question is unique and can be classified as collectable and the public can be assured that it’s being sold to a genuine collector then that s OK. A m16 with a hundred round mag. is not a hunting weapon it is a weapon of pure destruction, not only that but a hundred rounds fired at a rapid rate will render the weapon inoperable in other words it will warp the barrel or cause the weapon to jam, which thank God is what happened in the Colorado shooting. Now as for buying stuff on the internet he got ammo and large capacity magazines for his guns simply by ordering on the internet. Well a few years ago a bought a slingshot in Penn., it wasn’t legal to own or buy in NJ (I know) now after playing with it for a few months I needed more ammo and wanted the glass type balls because they would break down and not harm the environment, I was only using the thing to target shoot. I went to Cabelas and tried to place an order I was refused because it was considered illegal to sell I was also refused when I tried to buy a collectable knife from them, but I could have ordered a high capacity magazine. Now to be fair the slingshot ammo was probably refused because of New Jersey laws I’m not sure about the knife though. You would think sense this stuff has to be shipped through the mail and across state lines that there would be some sort of federal regulations to prevent it but as near as I can tell if they do exist they are very easy to circumvent. I understand Colorado does a good tourism business in the hunting trade but unless you’re expecting to get attack by Indians or a gang of bears on crack I don’t think there’s a legitimate reason to have a semi automatic assault rifle (which can be converted to automatic quickly and easily) or a hundred round magazine now this isn’t all I have to say about this issue but for now it will suffice and I thank Flounder for the use of his Blog and as he would say CIAO.     

Quiet Monday

July 23, 2012

Much quieter night last night and this morning was the same which was a good thing everyone needed the sleep. Let’s see what we have planned for this week, we have to sign papers for our new apartment and then pack so we can move as soon as possible Jeff doesn’t want to being paying rent in two places. It appears that soccer has started again in Colombia although we can’t figure out if it’s regular season or something special we watched Nacional win last night but it looked like a whole different team. We’ll have to wait till we talk to john and se what the story is, He took Juan Pablo to the game last night and he came home more happy and excited than we had seen him in a long time. It must be hard for Hader having Juan Pablo a Nacional fan and him being a Medellin fan, I hope for his sake Medellin turns out to be at least good this year. I’m down in my place in the closet right now so I can’t be held responsible for anything else Jeff decides to write. OK he tells me he has nothing to say today (that will be a first) so I guess we’ll see you tomorrow CIAO.