Moving Day Tomorrow

July 31, 2012

Well the papers are signed and the moving men will be here tomorrow morning. They won’t have much to do Ruby has been packing everything she makes a 20 min move across town into moving the white house to Australia. I don’t think you’ll be seeing any posts from me until Friday they’re going to disconnect the old stuff tomorrow morning and won’t reconnect until sometime Friday afternoon but I will have pictures of the move and of the view from the new place in time for a Friday evening post (I hope). Other than the move not too much to talk about I’m pretty stressed and Ruby doesn’t help that with all her running around in panic mode. Take yesterday for instance the owner of the Apt where we are moving calls at 2:30 and says you need to come now and sign the papers. So Ruby stars running around trying to find someone to watch Hari, couldn’t so we took him with us to do inspection then we had to all go and find a notary and sign everything and we get home we have to call the movers and the cable company and final y it’s time for dinner. It will be even more hectic once we move because John is moving up there until the middle of the month so Ruby will be getting up early and commuting to the old address for a week I guess then it will be just a 10 min walk to Johns house, of course more than half of that is up hill. So listen wish us luck and I guess we’ll talk Friday evening or Saturday Morning CIAO.

One Response to “Moving Day Tomorrow”

  1. valerie said

    good luck with the move hope it all runs smoothly


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