September 30, 2013

rejectedWell it’s time to get back to normal for a little while let’s start by talking about the word rejection. What do you think it means well the dictionary says to throw back if you’re a budding writer or artist or even musician you know what it is to be rejected many times. Some of the rejection we get in life we don’t even recognize such as your internet won’t let you get on line for a minute we get upset but deep down inside we know we will eventually succeed. If you’re like Jeff and are trying to become an author and your books don’t sell there might be doubt that you ever will. But in today’s world with YouTube and Kindle publishing you don’t have to spend a fortune to try and in the case of Kindle publishing you will actually get published your rejection now will come in the form of low sales or no sales. Some people can handle rejection better than others either they have something else to fall back on or have enough self esteem to with stand the rejection others can’t handle even the littlest form of rejection. I won’t go into all the psychology of what makes a person get crazy when someone says no. in Jeff’s case he doesn’t get real upset when somebody says no unless they refuse to give a reason at that point he’ll get angry but it doesn’t last because he knows the reason will reveal itself in time. I believe the people that can’t handle rejection either don’t know how to experience success or can’t recognize it when it happens. There are a lot of ways to measure success and just as many to gage rejection. But if you can’t recognize the little thing in life that you succeed at the result is usually a person that’s unable to function in the real world. Well I’m a success and I think Jeff is too we have retired something not to many people in his family have been able to do I get to write this dumb blog and talk about whatever I want and Jeff gets to see his books for sale on Amazon .com. plus we both get to wake up every morning. This is a content with himself Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


September 28, 2013

Well Jeff finally did his rant have pissed of f some of his fans now we know that’s exactly what he was trying to do. But instead of starting conversation they wanted the post to be funnier and what does old one eye do he takes off and says Flounder it’s your blog you handle it. Well I went and searched the news for something funny to talk about but it looks like humor took the weekend off. That fat one eyed friend of mind is going to pay for this. Since I couldn’t find something to write about today I decided to just post some pictures that I think are funny so here they are.995215_funny-fails-28_jpg582630cc7e16c4693f8e2695d6e59ebc




lives-funny Now that you’ve seen them this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


September 27, 2013

political-bullshit--large-msg-133563473074Every time I read an article concerning politicians and how they voted or what they think about this or that I get confused as to how these idiot survive in the real world. They obviously don’t care about what’s good for the country only what there being told is good by the people with the most to gain and let me tell you that ain’t us. I remember when then Senator Bill Bradley helped get a cable bill passed that was supposed to save consumers money. What it did do was allow cable rates to reach ridicules proportions, and since Americans had become addicted to TV and internet they continue to pay these rates and there is no such thing as competition. If you wanted to go Satellite for TV you had to make sure you had a permit from the city and if you lived in an Apartment complex, well you were just out of luck. Now there saying they want to stop the Presidents Heath Care plan by refuse to allow the government to fund it. OK you don’t like what’s your alternative OH I know only the rich should be insured. I was around politics a lot when I was young and one thing I learned was that are the most dishonest people on earth. They run for office because they think they are better than the rest of us and as far as wealth goes there right and you can trace that back to the beginning of the country. Look at what’s going on, banks can rip people then claim if the government doesn’t use our money to help they’ll just go away. CEO’s, who for the most part have nothing to do with the actual operation of a business, make salaries that most of us couldn’t spend in our lifetime and when we complain or want them to go to jail for stealing from us they tell us to suck it up and stop looking for a free ride. I look at his mess were in and I’m glad I’m old and don’t have any kids because really don’t see a bright and rosy future out there. This is Jeff with Flounders permission saying CIAO from Medellin.


September 26, 2013

originalBeing a sports fan is getting to be dangerous; two fans of Nacional’s soccer team down here were killed the other day in Bogota supposedly by fans of Millionaires soccer team. Then yesterday a Las Angles Dodger fan was stabbed during a fight with San Francisco Giant fans in San Francisco. Even though these deaths don’t take place directly inside the stadiums of the teams the violence is linked to the fans of the teams. This isn’t something new to Jeff when he was in High School at East Orange you might ask who won the game but who won the fight was more important. It was so bad that teams used it as an excuse not to play East Orange anymore. I don’t have a clue as to what can be done but something has to be done I think the young people in the world are embracing what I refer to as the cult of violence. You what do you want to do tonight lets go find someone to beat up. In America they also have a violent way of celebrating big game victories the burn cars and loot stores. It would seem that this cult of violence is hiding just below the surface and always looking for excuse to come out. That’s the reason, plus the expense of going, that I don’t go to games and stay home and watch the game in HD on the 42 inch flat screen with my feet up in the recliner. Well you fans be careful out there this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


September 25, 2013

Irish+News+10-1A lot of time we write about stuff just to see if we can get people talking this is one of these posts. Jeff was reading this book it had a familiar plot you know the one where nuclear war happens and we all go back to having nothing but our wits to survive. Well this one says the war will be caused by the collapse of the world economy and its unbridled consumption. So Jeff started to look to see if this might be something that could happen in the near future and you know what he found you cash that’s in your pocket might not be worth anything. How is that possible you ask? Jeff says he remembered reading an article about counterfeit 100 dollar bills being printed in the Dakar Valley which he believes is in Syria. This was in the late 80’s or early 90’s the Government referred to these bills as Super Bills because the counterfeiters had obtained our presses and our paper. It took the Atomic Microscope to determine if the bills were real or not. It had been reported that there might be as many as 100 million dollars worth of these bills floating around. It seemed they used money laundering tactics to get the money into circulation. Now in today’s world it appears that Peru is the new capital for Counterfeiting it is said that all they lack is the proper paper to make their stuff undetectable. We would like to know how they know they haven’t already got the paper. Now at this point most of you are saying so what well what it means is that there isn’t enough gold or silver or even oil reserves to back up the money in your pocket. Let me put it this way if say 50% of the population of US went down to their banks tomorrow morning and asked for all their money in cash, which is their right, there wouldn’t be enough real money to pay them. People think we have an unlimited amount of gold or whatever we say is backing up our money and that’s just not true there is far more cash out there then can be redeemed for gold. Jeff thinks that the time is coming in the not to distant future that this false economy will come crashing down and even without war all the thing s that we take for granted will vanish almost overnight. This is Flounder, and I’m hoarding Catnip, saying CIAO from Colombia.


September 24, 2013

6a00d83451c49869e20133ecedd6c4970b-500wi“How much of the crap that goes on in your government do you have a right to know about? I just read a story about an FBI agent who is going to jail for giving information to the Associated Press. Now to be fair I’m not really clear on this story it seems he gave the information out before the operation was completed and that put agent’s lives in danger. He also pleaded guilty to child pornography which they should hang him for as far as I’m concerned (Kids and cats have a special bond). My point is Governments keep a lot of things secret and tell you it’s national security, they’ve used that phrase a lot since 911 and I’m sure at time it’s necessary. But when someone decides their conscience won’t allow them to keep a secret that they think we should know speaks up they use the law to call them a traitor. I want to know if someone is listening in on my phone conversations or reading my e-mails, not because I’m doing something wrong but because they can. Jeff read Orwell’s 1984 years ago as a youngster in school and he believed back then that someday if we weren’t careful and kept an eye on them Governments would use technology to spy on everyone. This might sound really out there but if you read 1984 you’ll see that they also use drugs to stop independent thought. If we had full access to what was actually going on in government, maybe and that’s a big maybe, we could prevent war and keep the government from destroying the world so somebody could have more money. This is Flounder and I’m glad I’m old saying good luck and CIAO from Colombia.


September 23, 2013

CoverI learned something last night and that was our opinions don’t count. I came to this conclusion watching the Emmys, now I know what you’re saying Emmys how does that prove our opinion doesn’t mean anything. Well look at the show that won for outstanding comedy series Modern family it’s never been higher the seventeenth watched show where as The Big Bang Theory has been in the top ten the last two years. Now let’s look at best dramatic series there the winner was Breaking Bad where it was watched by 5.2 million viewers while a show which wasn’t even nominated NCIS was watched by 21.34 million people. Do you see where I’m going here? It’s like an artist or author can have huge, what they call commercial success, but won’t win any awards because a couple of so called critics panned it. You know the show top chef have you ever listen to those critics they can actually ruin somebody’s professional career by what they say. So what this all say it doesn’t matter that you think the show or singer, writer dancer is great it’s what some ass hole who maybe watched on episode or heard one song and says it sucks or is great thinks. This is Flounder and I think their opinion sucks saying CIAO from Medellin.


September 21, 2013

4552_15435_medThere are several terms I think apply to humans right and two of them are Dick less and No Balls. I mean think about this I’m not saying this because the US didn’t bomb Syria that’s just the Government playing politics. No I’m talking about how when a crime is committed nobody ever see’s anything they all just go deaf and dumb right away. But as soon as the criminals are gone they start complaining about the police or the administration and really they can’t do a thing if first somebody files a complaint and second some say hey “I saw that”. Look governments are always playing blind until they’re forced to admit that some ain’t right. Down here extortion of shop keepers is an everyday experience that people will just say that’s the way it is because here even if you are willing to say something you’re probably telling a cop whose being bribed by the same guy your trying to have arrested. In America people don’t want to be involved or claim it’s a waste of time. Years ago that might have been true, and in some cases it still is today. But the jails are not full because the police saw the crime or CSI performed a miracle there full because somebody finally got tired of the shit going on. It’s time for people all over the world to decide if they want to be taken advantage of by the gangsters on their street or by the assholes in the banks and government. In other words it’s time for you humans TO GROW A PAIR. This is Flounder (and I got a pair) saying CIAO from Medellin

imagesHere’s another one of my blogs that nobody’s going to read or think about. Americans think we have the best doctors in the world and maybe we do but they’re not available to everyone only the ones that can afford huge insurance premiums or those that are rich and don’t care how much anything costs. Jeff and I live in a country where preventive medicine is practiced and insurance premiums are affordable for all which means everyone has access to the best doctors and hospitals. Anytime the mere mention of socialized medicine is brought up the drug companies and the AMA start screaming that doctors will quit and leave the profession. Well my philosophy is let them quit what are they’re going to do teach or go to work for private Hospitals. There would a lot of doctors no insurance companies to over bill and no one that could afford them so let them quit. Even in a country like Colombia where doctors are paid salaries they still live good just not great. Today I read where the Republican Party in the Senate wants to defund the Presidents health plan. Ok but what s your alternative plan that will give everyone access to affordable Health Care or are only those that they deem worthy of Health Care will be able to get it. Short of socializing the Health Care industry, there is no guaranteed plan out there that would make sure someone didn’t die because they couldn’t get the medicine they needed. This is Flounder and my Vet makes house calls saying CIAO from Colombia.


September 18, 2013

220px-LeaveItAloneCoverWhy does the Reverend Jesse Jackson feel it’s necessary to be involved in other countries business and can Reverend Al Sharpton leave everybody alone? These are just a couple of well meaning people who feel it’s necessary to butt into things that have nothing to do with them just to see their name in the paper. I think some like Sharpton do it to take advantage of people in their time of need because you know once the media leaves he’s gone too. I think it’s good that Jackson wants the Farc to release the American their holding but I also think it would be better if he took care of his own parishioners first instead of using their money to travel to places that no one want to really see him. There are a lot of politicians that do the same thing if there’s a disaster they all want to show up and seem like there caring for the poor folks affected until they get back home and have to figure how to get money to them then it’s well my state can’t afford to give money but I’ send a bunch of National Guardsmen who aren’t doing anything anyway and a bunch of trucks that are just sitting around collecting dust. I used to think people that wanted to help were all great people but over the years I’ve unfortunately learned otherwise. I understand more now why some people think the federal government and a lot of good doers should just mind their own business. This is Flounder (and I don’t need any help) saying CIAO from Medellin.