September 21, 2013

4552_15435_medThere are several terms I think apply to humans right and two of them are Dick less and No Balls. I mean think about this I’m not saying this because the US didn’t bomb Syria that’s just the Government playing politics. No I’m talking about how when a crime is committed nobody ever see’s anything they all just go deaf and dumb right away. But as soon as the criminals are gone they start complaining about the police or the administration and really they can’t do a thing if first somebody files a complaint and second some say hey “I saw that”. Look governments are always playing blind until they’re forced to admit that some ain’t right. Down here extortion of shop keepers is an everyday experience that people will just say that’s the way it is because here even if you are willing to say something you’re probably telling a cop whose being bribed by the same guy your trying to have arrested. In America people don’t want to be involved or claim it’s a waste of time. Years ago that might have been true, and in some cases it still is today. But the jails are not full because the police saw the crime or CSI performed a miracle there full because somebody finally got tired of the shit going on. It’s time for people all over the world to decide if they want to be taken advantage of by the gangsters on their street or by the assholes in the banks and government. In other words it’s time for you humans TO GROW A PAIR. This is Flounder (and I got a pair) saying CIAO from Medellin

One Response to “WHERE ARE YOUR BALLS”

  1. valerie said

    well founder I am not sure if you are altered or not -0 but if you are altered your balls are gone


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