September 20, 2013

imagesHere’s another one of my blogs that nobody’s going to read or think about. Americans think we have the best doctors in the world and maybe we do but they’re not available to everyone only the ones that can afford huge insurance premiums or those that are rich and don’t care how much anything costs. Jeff and I live in a country where preventive medicine is practiced and insurance premiums are affordable for all which means everyone has access to the best doctors and hospitals. Anytime the mere mention of socialized medicine is brought up the drug companies and the AMA start screaming that doctors will quit and leave the profession. Well my philosophy is let them quit what are they’re going to do teach or go to work for private Hospitals. There would a lot of doctors no insurance companies to over bill and no one that could afford them so let them quit. Even in a country like Colombia where doctors are paid salaries they still live good just not great. Today I read where the Republican Party in the Senate wants to defund the Presidents health plan. Ok but what s your alternative plan that will give everyone access to affordable Health Care or are only those that they deem worthy of Health Care will be able to get it. Short of socializing the Health Care industry, there is no guaranteed plan out there that would make sure someone didn’t die because they couldn’t get the medicine they needed. This is Flounder and my Vet makes house calls saying CIAO from Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    what do you mean no one will real this blog I did I read almost all of you blogs


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