September 26, 2013

originalBeing a sports fan is getting to be dangerous; two fans of Nacional’s soccer team down here were killed the other day in Bogota supposedly by fans of Millionaires soccer team. Then yesterday a Las Angles Dodger fan was stabbed during a fight with San Francisco Giant fans in San Francisco. Even though these deaths don’t take place directly inside the stadiums of the teams the violence is linked to the fans of the teams. This isn’t something new to Jeff when he was in High School at East Orange you might ask who won the game but who won the fight was more important. It was so bad that teams used it as an excuse not to play East Orange anymore. I don’t have a clue as to what can be done but something has to be done I think the young people in the world are embracing what I refer to as the cult of violence. You what do you want to do tonight lets go find someone to beat up. In America they also have a violent way of celebrating big game victories the burn cars and loot stores. It would seem that this cult of violence is hiding just below the surface and always looking for excuse to come out. That’s the reason, plus the expense of going, that I don’t go to games and stay home and watch the game in HD on the 42 inch flat screen with my feet up in the recliner. Well you fans be careful out there this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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