September 30, 2013

rejectedWell it’s time to get back to normal for a little while let’s start by talking about the word rejection. What do you think it means well the dictionary says to throw back if you’re a budding writer or artist or even musician you know what it is to be rejected many times. Some of the rejection we get in life we don’t even recognize such as your internet won’t let you get on line for a minute we get upset but deep down inside we know we will eventually succeed. If you’re like Jeff and are trying to become an author and your books don’t sell there might be doubt that you ever will. But in today’s world with YouTube and Kindle publishing you don’t have to spend a fortune to try and in the case of Kindle publishing you will actually get published your rejection now will come in the form of low sales or no sales. Some people can handle rejection better than others either they have something else to fall back on or have enough self esteem to with stand the rejection others can’t handle even the littlest form of rejection. I won’t go into all the psychology of what makes a person get crazy when someone says no. in Jeff’s case he doesn’t get real upset when somebody says no unless they refuse to give a reason at that point he’ll get angry but it doesn’t last because he knows the reason will reveal itself in time. I believe the people that can’t handle rejection either don’t know how to experience success or can’t recognize it when it happens. There are a lot of ways to measure success and just as many to gage rejection. But if you can’t recognize the little thing in life that you succeed at the result is usually a person that’s unable to function in the real world. Well I’m a success and I think Jeff is too we have retired something not to many people in his family have been able to do I get to write this dumb blog and talk about whatever I want and Jeff gets to see his books for sale on Amazon .com. plus we both get to wake up every morning. This is a content with himself Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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