September 25, 2013

Irish+News+10-1A lot of time we write about stuff just to see if we can get people talking this is one of these posts. Jeff was reading this book it had a familiar plot you know the one where nuclear war happens and we all go back to having nothing but our wits to survive. Well this one says the war will be caused by the collapse of the world economy and its unbridled consumption. So Jeff started to look to see if this might be something that could happen in the near future and you know what he found you cash that’s in your pocket might not be worth anything. How is that possible you ask? Jeff says he remembered reading an article about counterfeit 100 dollar bills being printed in the Dakar Valley which he believes is in Syria. This was in the late 80’s or early 90’s the Government referred to these bills as Super Bills because the counterfeiters had obtained our presses and our paper. It took the Atomic Microscope to determine if the bills were real or not. It had been reported that there might be as many as 100 million dollars worth of these bills floating around. It seemed they used money laundering tactics to get the money into circulation. Now in today’s world it appears that Peru is the new capital for Counterfeiting it is said that all they lack is the proper paper to make their stuff undetectable. We would like to know how they know they haven’t already got the paper. Now at this point most of you are saying so what well what it means is that there isn’t enough gold or silver or even oil reserves to back up the money in your pocket. Let me put it this way if say 50% of the population of US went down to their banks tomorrow morning and asked for all their money in cash, which is their right, there wouldn’t be enough real money to pay them. People think we have an unlimited amount of gold or whatever we say is backing up our money and that’s just not true there is far more cash out there then can be redeemed for gold. Jeff thinks that the time is coming in the not to distant future that this false economy will come crashing down and even without war all the thing s that we take for granted will vanish almost overnight. This is Flounder, and I’m hoarding Catnip, saying CIAO from Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    there has not been enough gold to back the money that is already printed it’s been that way for a long long time, so I guess it’s closer then we think


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