September 24, 2013

6a00d83451c49869e20133ecedd6c4970b-500wi“How much of the crap that goes on in your government do you have a right to know about? I just read a story about an FBI agent who is going to jail for giving information to the Associated Press. Now to be fair I’m not really clear on this story it seems he gave the information out before the operation was completed and that put agent’s lives in danger. He also pleaded guilty to child pornography which they should hang him for as far as I’m concerned (Kids and cats have a special bond). My point is Governments keep a lot of things secret and tell you it’s national security, they’ve used that phrase a lot since 911 and I’m sure at time it’s necessary. But when someone decides their conscience won’t allow them to keep a secret that they think we should know speaks up they use the law to call them a traitor. I want to know if someone is listening in on my phone conversations or reading my e-mails, not because I’m doing something wrong but because they can. Jeff read Orwell’s 1984 years ago as a youngster in school and he believed back then that someday if we weren’t careful and kept an eye on them Governments would use technology to spy on everyone. This might sound really out there but if you read 1984 you’ll see that they also use drugs to stop independent thought. If we had full access to what was actually going on in government, maybe and that’s a big maybe, we could prevent war and keep the government from destroying the world so somebody could have more money. This is Flounder and I’m glad I’m old saying good luck and CIAO from Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    ahh 1984 WHAT A BOOK I was really young when I read it and thought oh no this could never happen boy was I wrong


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