September 18, 2013

220px-LeaveItAloneCoverWhy does the Reverend Jesse Jackson feel it’s necessary to be involved in other countries business and can Reverend Al Sharpton leave everybody alone? These are just a couple of well meaning people who feel it’s necessary to butt into things that have nothing to do with them just to see their name in the paper. I think some like Sharpton do it to take advantage of people in their time of need because you know once the media leaves he’s gone too. I think it’s good that Jackson wants the Farc to release the American their holding but I also think it would be better if he took care of his own parishioners first instead of using their money to travel to places that no one want to really see him. There are a lot of politicians that do the same thing if there’s a disaster they all want to show up and seem like there caring for the poor folks affected until they get back home and have to figure how to get money to them then it’s well my state can’t afford to give money but I’ send a bunch of National Guardsmen who aren’t doing anything anyway and a bunch of trucks that are just sitting around collecting dust. I used to think people that wanted to help were all great people but over the years I’ve unfortunately learned otherwise. I understand more now why some people think the federal government and a lot of good doers should just mind their own business. This is Flounder (and I don’t need any help) saying CIAO from Medellin.

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