July 25, 2012

They refer to Wednesday as hump day because the weekend is closer it used to be the day, or should I say night, when all the single people that wanted a date on their weekend went to the bars and trolled for dates. Sounds exciting doesn’t it Jeff didn’t have to worry he was one of the bartenders all he was interested on was money and if the girls sowed up the guys with the money wouldn’t be far behind. Jeff and Ruby are going to try and check out their new apt and maybe sign the papers tonight but we’ll have to wait and see. Its Ruby’s father’s birthday Friday and finding a gift for El Jefe is not easy but we’ll see. There’s going to be a party at Nelida’s house on Sunday afternoon I think. This is big THE BOOK IS DONE it has to be reformatted to match book size when that’s all done it will go to a couple of friends to be reviewed and have editorial suggestions made then on to the publisher. Jeff doesn’t expect to get rich or become famous he just enjoys writing and has book two already in his head and will write it no matter how successful or unsuccessful his first endeavor is. Well I don’t have much else for today and I’m not letting Jeff do any ranting until maybe Friday so CIAO.

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