July 25, 2012

OK I decided to let Jeff have on quick rant here goes; You have probably read or heard  the Sally Ride the first woman in space passed away after a long battle with cancer and I’m sure you all feel sadness at her passing. But what pisses me off is all the scum sucking dirt bags that are taking her passing and using to bash gays. Some of the comments I’ve read on the internet make me want hunt down these idiots and rip their throats out threw their ass. This is a time to honor all her accomplishment s in her life not call her names or say she was only given the chance to go into space because she was a woman. It seem there are a whole lot of, mostly men, who feel threatened by a woman who has achieved so much and they desire nothing more than try to besmirch her legacy. Well I’m here to tell you it ain’t going to work and the can all kiss my ass and finally all I can say is she will missed by those who appreciated by those that know her story and RIDE SALLY RIDE.

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