Ho Hum Olympics

July 28, 2012

John is driving

The Olympics have started and we tried to watch the opening ceremonies yesterday. I say tried because during the musical numbers the Colombian commentators would shut up so you really didn’t get to hear any of it that  and the cameras kept jumping all over the place we were lucky in one respect we got to see all of it live, from what we understand that wasn’t the case in America. Now it’s Saturday and the coverage is only of the high value sports the Latinos love Bicycle racing and tennis. The Colombian cyclist did when the silver so I can’t really complain about it. Jeff loves archery and the shooting events as well as field events (Javelin, discus, hammer etc.)  But if you’re lucky they will show the final two competitors and that’s it. There was a gold awarded in air gun competition this morning Jeff thinks it would have been cool to see the weapon and how accurate these people can be but he understands that with the recent shooting in Colorado he probably won’t get to see any of it. The guns and bows these people use in competition are not something the normal person could afford they serve only one purpose and that’s as target weapons the cost in the thousands so not to many of these weapons ever see hunting or backyard shooting the price and the fact that they are made for the individual using it. When they’re done with it they hang them up on the wall or take them apart to make new ones. I liked the Olympics better when there wasn’t so much money involved in competing and most of the athletes weren’t professionals per say and were there to win for their country rather than personal gain which seems to be the reason now. I know I’m a dreamer and an old guy but that’s me. The previous comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions.

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