Quiet Monday

July 23, 2012

Much quieter night last night and this morning was the same which was a good thing everyone needed the sleep. Let’s see what we have planned for this week, we have to sign papers for our new apartment and then pack so we can move as soon as possible Jeff doesn’t want to being paying rent in two places. It appears that soccer has started again in Colombia although we can’t figure out if it’s regular season or something special we watched Nacional win last night but it looked like a whole different team. We’ll have to wait till we talk to john and se what the story is, He took Juan Pablo to the game last night and he came home more happy and excited than we had seen him in a long time. It must be hard for Hader having Juan Pablo a Nacional fan and him being a Medellin fan, I hope for his sake Medellin turns out to be at least good this year. I’m down in my place in the closet right now so I can’t be held responsible for anything else Jeff decides to write. OK he tells me he has nothing to say today (that will be a first) so I guess we’ll see you tomorrow CIAO.

One Response to “Quiet Monday”

  1. valerie said

    Is your new apt. near where you live now, you said it was in the mountains so you should be much cooler there right??


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