Somethings can really Piss me off

July 24, 2012

Time for a Jeff rant: you know by now the tragic story of the theater shooting in Colorado and that the sicko that did the shooting got a lot of his stuff on the internet. I’m far from being anti gun what I am is anti 100 round magazines and assault rifles whose only legitimate purpose is to kill another human being, now if the weapon in question is unique and can be classified as collectable and the public can be assured that it’s being sold to a genuine collector then that s OK. A m16 with a hundred round mag. is not a hunting weapon it is a weapon of pure destruction, not only that but a hundred rounds fired at a rapid rate will render the weapon inoperable in other words it will warp the barrel or cause the weapon to jam, which thank God is what happened in the Colorado shooting. Now as for buying stuff on the internet he got ammo and large capacity magazines for his guns simply by ordering on the internet. Well a few years ago a bought a slingshot in Penn., it wasn’t legal to own or buy in NJ (I know) now after playing with it for a few months I needed more ammo and wanted the glass type balls because they would break down and not harm the environment, I was only using the thing to target shoot. I went to Cabelas and tried to place an order I was refused because it was considered illegal to sell I was also refused when I tried to buy a collectable knife from them, but I could have ordered a high capacity magazine. Now to be fair the slingshot ammo was probably refused because of New Jersey laws I’m not sure about the knife though. You would think sense this stuff has to be shipped through the mail and across state lines that there would be some sort of federal regulations to prevent it but as near as I can tell if they do exist they are very easy to circumvent. I understand Colorado does a good tourism business in the hunting trade but unless you’re expecting to get attack by Indians or a gang of bears on crack I don’t think there’s a legitimate reason to have a semi automatic assault rifle (which can be converted to automatic quickly and easily) or a hundred round magazine now this isn’t all I have to say about this issue but for now it will suffice and I thank Flounder for the use of his Blog and as he would say CIAO.     

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