Monday and the Photos are here

July 30, 2012

Monday and its overcast in Colombia but the weather was spectacular yesterday for both of the events. I just put a few pictures of each on this post the rest are on Facebook, did you know that when you comment on a photo in Facebook it sends me an email? Our email account was full this morning with notices of comments from Facebook and though we love to have all those positive comments they fill the email account and the message folder on Facebook oh well I guess it’s better than not having anybody say anything. Hari was surprisingly quiet during the mass prior to his baptism ceremony, after the fuss he made getting him ready. The only time he got upset was when the priest dipped his head to pour the holy water on his head. John was completely bored during everything as was Jeff although for different reasons. Vanessa’s mother or was it Lewis said next would be first communion and somehow I don’t see that one happening I think they got all the concessions their going to get out of John. The rest of the day was spent with El Jefe and the rest of the family including the aunts celebrating El Jefe’s 74th birthday. Wow that means he’s only 7 years older than Jeff man Jeff is really old time to take him to the dog track and leave him there. Just kidding folks you know I love the old bastard anyhow a great time was had by everyone. Well here are the photos have a good Monday CIAO.

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