August 27, 2014

1409108278000-Still0826-00010Sorry about the lack of posts but Jeff has been spending a lot of time at the doctors lately. Don’t get upset he’s Ok just making sure. Anyhow we were reading the news this morning and there was an article about a nine year old girl who killed a shooting instructor at a range because she couldn’t control an Uzi. Well not a lot of adults can control a fully automatic Uzi since it fires 750 rounds a minute is small and compact kicks like a mule. So the instructor is dead and my question is. What the hell is a 9 year old doing anywhere with an Uzi in their hands? This goes beyond stupid and the range should be closed and the parents looked at by social services and the police. I’m not an anti gun nut but stories like this give good reasons for gun control. The parents probably didn’t think they did anything wrong by bring the kid to the range, the range instructor didn’t see anything wrong who this either. These parents were on vacation in Arizona from New Jersey numerous interviews with other instructors say this was all wrong. The range in question changed its rules so now there are height and age limits in place. Unfortunately it doesn’t give the instructor and his family any good. This is a really pissed off Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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