August 14, 2014

robotsOk so I was reading this article about Robots and how advanced they were becoming. But before you go’ is this another Terminator type story? No not really, but maybe a little, when the personal computer was invented and Windows came along. People believed it would make life easier and help make more jobs. Now they’re telling everybody the same thing Robotics will improve life and create jobs. They might be right at least for the time being but as robots become more able to human tasks, the fewer humans will be necessary. Instead of a hundred humans building a bunch of robots you’ll have one super robot watching other robots assembling robots. If you don’t think this is a possibility look at Detroit automation of assembly lines reduced employees but increased profits. Ah there you that magic word profits you know the one where the company doesn’t care about anything else. Companies aren’t interested in the fact that if nobody’s working for them there will be nobody to buy their products. You know the reason manufacturing and other jobs go overseas? Profits if it costs less to manufacture or make a call from another country that doesn’t have labor or environmental restrictions then that’s what a company is going to do. Now we bring robots into the equation where you now have manufacturing without worrying about employee fatigue or benefits, and guess what? No more human workers. Pretty poor outlook isn’t it. Well I think I’ve pretty well depressed everyone now so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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