August 25, 2014

Tiny-People-4Let’s talk about people like you and Jeff. You won’t like this but your little people. I don’t mean your short or your features are small. I mean in the scope of thing your little people and there are more of you than giant people. Little people are people that get up every morning go to work hope to either be noticed and get a promotion or be ignored and keep their job. They complain about the economy, their boss politics, and their sports teams. Some write letters to the editor while others write blogs like Jeff. These letters and blogs might actually be telling it like it is like some famous writers and bloggers like Mike Taibbi formerly of Rolling Stone Magazine. They write about Business and politics and tell you this banker was there when this or that happened. But nothing ever really comes of the stories because they have no hard evidence or witnesses. So they are little people. The giant people are what are referred to as the one percent. They don’t pay attention the little people because they think they can’t be touched and for the most part their right. If a little person begins to have a following and seems that he or she might make a problem for the giant people they do one of many things. First they might get a scapegoat, you know someone to take the blame for them. Then they might go and offer the little guy a better job, or his own business, or simply money. Now if this doesn’t work or is not practical they make his job go away, they take his house, they discredit them in some way. These steps usually make the little guy go away. But what of his followers you say? Most of these people are just that followers and once there leader is gone they go back to their jobs and hope nobody noticed. That’s how the Hippy movement went away. Just so you know this is all speculation on Jeff’s part although educated speculation so no giants are going to pay any attention to him but if they do Jeff is open to cash bribes. This is Flounder, and I take Cat nip, saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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