June 21, 2015

img006Today is the service for my niece Kim I guess she really is gone. But she will be forever in my heart. Today is also Fathers Day and I know her dad is holding her hand and telling her not to worry everybody will be OK. I know she wasn’t ready to leave us yet but fate has its way of taking that decision out of our hands. But now she’ll be able to watcher family every minute of every day. That’s no consolation for not being able to hold them. But they’ll know she’s there as they feel a faint breeze at bed time, or graduation, or wedding day. They’ll know that they’ve just felt the kiss of their loving mother. Her sister Janet will always feel her presence and her sense of humor. I hope she can get Janet to stop working so hard. I always thought the two of them would open a restaurant together or write poetry books. But now well we’ll see maybe she’ll be that guiding hand in her sister future. I never really got to know her husband Bill that well, I met him when her father passed. Not really the best time to get to know someone. I hope he will be able to carry on and keep the boys on the straight and narrow. I only met her oldest son Billy when he was one year old and we don’t really talk anymore maybe someday I’ll know why. And Jackson the youngest I’ve never met so we never talked except when he thanked me for a Christmas gift. I had hoped that if things went well I would be able to work something out to see them next year, there’s a lesson to be learned there don’t procrastinate. Well the time has come to say good bye Kim and like your dad says don’t worry you gave your kids enough to succeed. Someday when it’s my turn maybe I’ll understand why some of the bad things in life happen, at least I hope I will. I also wish I had their talent for writing so I could say the things I want in a better way. This is Uncle Jeff saying a Final CIAO to me gorgeous Niece KIM from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “A FINAL GOOD BYE”

  1. valerieherrick@yahoo.com said

    your blog made me cry today


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