June 8, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again I was asked why I write a blog that only about sixty people look at and maybe 10 actually read. And why I write books that only my family and close friend buy. Well for both the reason are similar I live in a country where for some deep psychological reason I can’t master the language. I’m retired and me wife spends her day babysitting the grandson. There’s really not much for me to do except take a walk and not much to see. I could go to a mall and spend money I don’t have (my wife does a good job of that). Now when I was in the US a would jumper in my car and if it was summer go fishing if fall check out the colors and if it was winter see if I could spot some animals. So I write to keep myself busy and stop the boredom. The blog is my opinion of something or it could be me just trying to piss somebody off, my books are my imagination running wild. I don’t do either for money although that would be nice. I do it to entertain myself and as in the case with my blog to get out some of the frustrations I have with people. I know my writing could use a good editor but they cost money and being on a fixed income prevents me from doing that. Well I hope that answers your questions for a Monday if not too bad this Flounder saying CIAO form Medellin, Colombia

One Response to “WHY I WRITE”

  1. valerieherrick@yahoo.com said

    I am still pondering your question on last weeks blog – on things i miss – one thing I did come up with it — I wast country music to get back to its roots instead on this stuff they are putting out. I will think more on this over the next few days


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