June 29, 2015

stuff Well another Monday is here. I know I said I would have another couple of posts last week but I had some doctor appointments and quite frankly wasn’t in the mood to post. Today we’re going to talk about some of the STUFF that’s been going on in the world. First up the Confederate Flag, a lot of Southern states are removing the flag from public buildings and I’m Ok with that but I’m not Ok with NASCAR banning the flag or Wal-Mart refusing to see it or any products that have it pictured. They say they are doing this because the flag represents Slavery. Now I have to tell you I never thought of the flag in that context to me and my friend it represented rebellion. And being around in the sixties we were all rebelling against something. I think NASCAR is going to have some problems banning the flag since I believe it would be unconstitutional. You know the whole freedom of expression thing. Next we have the Supreme Court decision legalizing same couple marriages in all states. Man you could just here the collective groan from the various religions around the country. As for me I remember when interracial marriage was a big issue and still is. My mom would say they will have a harder time making it work because both parents would be against it, to me it’s a none issue and there are other things to worry about. Donald Trump is running for President and as far as I can tell everybody’s happy because his idiot statements will keep people from focusing on the real issues facing this country. He’ll soon be joined by another foot in mouth politician Chris Christy. Should either one of these idiots become president I would suggest everybody start looking into buying cave in Montana. I could go on there has been more crap in the news lately then in a long time must be crap season. Well this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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