June 2, 2015

imagesWell I missed yesterday so sue me I had stuff to do. Now for today’s I was thinking what part to your past do you either could do again or would want in your life now. I realize of course that some of my readers aren’t quite as old as Jeff and me. Jeff is 69 and I’m 15, which translates into 76 human years so I’m the senior member of this partnership. But for this post let’s just talk about humans. What is it you miss is it some event I know we all miss members of our families that have passed on, but what else? Is it favorite food, a style of music, clothes, and manners? Come on what do you miss. Jeff’s situation is a little different he has moved to a completely different country so what does he miss? Well he says he misses food like a good steak and here something real funny he lives in Colombia and misses good coffee. When he lived in the US he’d go fishing two or three times a week in the summer in the last four years he hasn’t gone once. He misses music but he started to miss good music before he left. He misses friends but thanks to Facebook he stays in touch. Of course he misses his mom and his brother but those are thing you have to get used to as you get older. So how about you what are the things besides the obvious, your youth and your family, that you really miss? This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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