August 20, 2017


I’ve been doing a lot of history reading this week trying to figure out where it all went to shit. Now I know everybody is screaming when they elected the Trumpster. No I think it goes back way further than that. I use to think it started with Nixon and his desire to destroy the middle class, but I think it might go further all the way back to the founding fathers. That far you say; yes I think so. You may not be able to see this but our country and its constitution were brought about by elitists. You know people who think they know more than everybody else or as we like to call them today politicians. Now when you have a government formed by people like that you’re going to have a lot of hidden agendas. Now I don’t claim to know what all those agendas were but I think you can see some of them coming to the forefront in today’s headlines. The first is that white people are superior to others. We know this is not new we saw it when the first explorers got here and decided that the natives had to go. We committed our first act of genocide back then. Something we have gone to war with other countries when they did it and yet we’ve done nothing to help the Indian regain his place in this country. As you study our history you’ll see that we have a knack for using minorities when it fits the white agenda. Now some people are going he’s saying he thinks blacks have a case. Well yes they do not as big as the American Indians but yes they have a case. They were brought here as slaves not found here and almost killed to extinction. When we discuss racial issues or immigrant issues we seem to forget the American Indian. Well let’s get back on point. The elite of this country have been planning it’s take over since the beginning and now they have a do nothing congress and senate and a President who is delusional with an opposition party that hasn’t got a clue. This is what you would call a perfect storm. People are desperate for someone to take control and when people get desperate they do and say things that they feel will get them to that safe place. You saw it not too long ago in Venezuela where a desperate poor population grasped on to what they thought was a savior in Chavez and instead they ended worse off than before. The Trumpster sold himself as a savior but instead brought hate and confusion. When he eventually leaves he will leave in place a group of elitists who have a mandate of the people to save them. Then when it’s too late they’ll realize they’ve been had. This is Flounder and Fats short timers on this planet saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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