August 6, 2017

Well here we are another Sunday I look at Sunday as the end of the week while others say it’s the beginning of the week. I don’t think it makes much difference in the long run. Anyhow yesterday was Fats and his wife’s 13th wedding anniversary. Something that I’m sure will surprise the world. But ok congratulations Fats and Mrs. Fats now let’s get down to business.
It has come to my intention that there has been a movement in both parties over the last few years to restrict voting and public assembly for the purpose of protesting government policies. There are at present around 20 states either with signed laws or proposed laws that would in some manner restrict protesting or increase penalties. Now to be fair most of these make some sense, the part that bothers me is that they can be left up to interpretation which would allow for misuse of the law. There is also a move to restrict who can vote be the use of voter registration laws again on the surface they don’t look that bad. But here there is a lot more room for misuse of the law. Both of these instances once again show how politicians don’t want the common man involved in decision making. As I’ve stated here before politicians not just in the US but everywhere don’t that the majority of people know what’s best for them and that they need that elitist to show them the way. If you stop looking at your cell phone for a minute you might notice that what I’m saying is actually happening all around the world. If you look at Venezuela you’ll see that they are so desperate to curtail protest that they are going to rewrite the constitution. Now that might take protest to civil war but unless the army joins in it won’t stand a chance of succeeding. Well look it’s a beautiful day down here so I’m going to stop and say CIAO from Flounder and Fats in Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    Happy Anniversary to Fats and Ruby


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