November 25, 2018

Well here’s hoping everybody survived Turkey Day and Black Friday. Now all we have left is Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve., Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years day, Then were into next year and thats a whole new drama. Turkey day usually starts out with the pressure of getting the meal ready. Then you have to wait for the unexpected guest and the usual late arrivals. After dinner come Football and desert which includes alcoholic beverages. Then as the night progresses and Alcohol starts to work disagreements might arise or old grudges might surface or just the let down might set in,thus begins the Holiday depression. How can people be so hapy looking and so depressed at the same time. For me it’s the fact that I love the childish aspects of Christmas you know the music, the tree, the decorations lights etc.. I have a child like expectation of what Christmas should be so you can see I’ve already set myself up for failure. We all do this to a certain degree but the real pressure comes with New Years Eve. Psychologist say there’s so much pressure to have an amazing great time that most of us either fake it or just smile and be miserable. Now we’ve set the seen for the taking down of the tree, for me this is a real bummer and I refuse to be involved. I just can’t see this season go even though it never goes the way I want it I just can’t let it go. Here’s a little story about New Years Eve. When I was young we would head into the city to a little bar called the Golden Rail not to be confused with the much more famous Brass Rail. We had become friends with the owner a wonderful Jewish lady and the bartender, who had a “Colorful past”. As midnight would approach we would but anything of value in the safe and head out for Times Square. Things were different back then no roadblocks and you could move freely in and out of the area at will. So there we were watching the Ball drop having fun sharing a Fat Boy with a stranger and may a swig from a bottle of Dom. Midnight would arrive and we kissed as many girls as we could. But the like all good thing it was time to get back to the bar. Well that was much more dangerous then the walk there. I witnessed brothers punching it out girl friends screaming at each other and I thought Happy New Year. So I got back to the bar through ly depressed by what I had witnessed and proceeded to ensure the New Years day would be just as depressing by getting as drunk as I could. So you this time of year Depression is lurking just about every where. But if you manage to avoid it when it raises it’s ugly head this can be the best time of year. This is Flounder and Fats saying hang in there baby and CIAO from Medellin Colombia,

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