November 7, 2018

Well last night was the big election and the Democrats won the house and the Republicans kept the senate. The Democrats are overjoyed although I can’t tell why. With neither party controlling both the senate and the house pretty much nothing will get done. And a problem for the Democrats is that the Republicans will be able to point there fingers at them and blame every thing on them. I don¿t see anything great happening in the next two years. I mean I know Democrats think they can change things now but thats not true. They can’t repeal any legislation or impeach the president because they need the Senate to approve. Now the Trumpster will keep doing what he’s doing and unfortunately I think he stand a better than 50% chance of getting reelected. Boy I just heard a lot of No fucking way. Well yes way the Dems don’t really have a strong candidate that could garnish enough votes to beat him. The list of potential candidates is long and for me not to well known. You have Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, house members Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Kennedy, Beto Orouke, Governors, Andrew Cuomo. Deval Patrick and of course Joe Biden Eric Holder and many others. You see why I say the Trumpster is favored right now, there are too many Democrats. They have less than two years to find one and with this list I don’t see them coming up with a good one that could garnish enough votes to be the next President. Well listen I was up all last night so I’m going to take a nap and be back later.

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