November 11, 2018

Goood morning everyone. Always wanted to do that since I saw Robin Williams in good morning Viet Nam. Any how lets talk about Apple and Amazon. An article I read this morning inn CNN business stated that these two giants of retail in the way Apple products are handled on Amazon. Small companies cannot sell there Apple products unless licensed by Apple to do so. They cannot repair unless licensed by Apple and can’t resell used products unless licensed be Apple. This applies only to products and services offered on Amazon, but since Amazon is the largest outlet for such products it means that the little guy has lost the ability to be competitive on Amazon. Now I love Amazon it allows me to purchase products down here that I would otherwise be unable to get. Granted they are a little expensive because of the shipping but still it¿s great for me. I would have to wait until someone was coming here or a visit if I need a new wood carving tool. They don’t sell everything I need down here, so I have to either get it from Amazon or make it myself. Now as for Apple I hate there stuff because I believe it’s overpriced and Apple has created a cult like atmosphere around its products so people feel its necessary to buy new products every year no matter the cost. The deal between Apple and Amazon just proves that the little business on the corner is destined to be obsolete. The bigger these companies become and the more modern they become mean small business will be a thing of the past. Now if that happens down here unemployment would skyrocket. Up there it would definitely spike a little. I say a little because unemployment has a waiting period for the self employed and then benefits will eventually run out. You some how I have to find some topics that aren’t so depressing to write about especially with the Holidays coming. Well any haw this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia .

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