February 11, 2018

Welcome to Sunday and another post only half of you will read. Today we’re going to talk Trumpster again and I know this is something a lot of you don’t want to see here. Tough noogies it’s my blog and I get to write whatever the hell I want too. I agree with people that say the Trumpster is a despicable human being, what I object to is the daily bitchin that that comes across as being obsessive. Yes he’s not a nice guy but either are the rst of the politicians in government. His biggest fault like that of all politicians is that they’ve never worked for a living. In the Trumpster’s case he’s never even had to use a dime of his on money. Now if you take that and then place him in a position of ultimate power you begin to see why he just doesn’t care about others. Now like I said I think some of his critics are focusing to much on him. He is just the ultimate in whats wrong with our government. We have a government that is not in touch with the realities of life in the real world. They don’t care that are veterans are not being cared for like they should be. The worst is how they treated WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam vets. A good portion of them didn’t ask to risk there lives they were drafted. Today if a man or a woman volunteers to put there life on the line for there country they should at least expect to have leadership that gives a dam about them. The Trumpster is a self absorbed dick which becomes very evident when he wants a military parade. But he isn’t the only one out there every Senator or Congressman doesn’t give a shit about the little guy. That includes Hillary people that voted for her either didn’t really know her or voted for her because she was a woman or because she wasn’t the Trumpster. We all want to change the way things have been done in recent years the best way to do this is to people not affiliated with this party or that but actually understand the frustration of the people and are willing to take the time to go to DC and try to get things done. Speaking of getting things done i’ve got some other things to do today (like take a nap) so it’s time for me to say this is Flounder and fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. One final note I notice a lot of you don’t bother going to my site except on Sunday so I will now begin to post randomly as well as on Sundays.

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