February 14, 2018

I do these kinds of posts every once in awhile, there about this and that. First up the Trumpster’s spending bill that would increase the national debt to 7.1 trillion dollars. I don’t even know what those numbers look like. The Trumpster is doing what he’s always done and thats spending other people money and not caring about the consequences. He will do what he’s always done bankrupt the country and walk away richer than ever. The Olympics are going on and it looked like there might have been some progress on the North Korean front. Of course vice president Pence was there and wasn’t included in any of the conversations so he got pissed just like he did when the gay athlete didn’t want to talk to him, and you think you want this cry baby in the oval office. Speaking of cry babies the NCAA which is an organization of colleges to control sport in the country just denied some appeal from the University of Notre Dame. Now the university is complaining about the organization there a member of. I call Bull shit on this one. And finally we go back to the Trumpster. His lawyer has admitted paying the porn star Stormy Daniels 130,000 dollars through a company set up up for that purpose in Delaware. Now the question is why did he pay her. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t for being the pop corn girl at a political rally. Oh one more little thing it would seem since the President goes around making racist statements that it’s OK for everyone too, NOT TRUE people.Well that’s it for today this is Fats (Flounder is taking a nap) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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