February 4, 2018

Well I’m afraid this is going to be a Trumpster post today I just can’t avoid it. The Trumpster did his State of the Union address to congress this week and I waited till today to put in my two cents. A lot of what he claimed he inherited from the Democratic administration, but that inheritance is now gone so what happens next is strictly his doing and he can neither claim the good nor blame the bad on it from now on. For whatever the reason after his speech the stock market took a dive of over 600 points on Friday. The dollar is weaker against other world currencies and black unemployment spiked He his however rising in popularity polls mainly because of his tax cuts. Those tax cuts which if you factor inflation will amount to almost t nothing for the regular citizen will come back to haunt the country. For one thing they are inflationary and thats never a good thing for the common guy. They also raise the debt to such an extent that they will probably go after social security and Medicare to try and pay for the cuts. That means the little guy that has paid into it his whole life will now see it used to help pay for executive bonus’s. Getting back to the Trumpster he will do almost anything to get reelected, not because he loves the job he adores the attention and it make him feel important. don’t be surprised if just before the election in 2020 he make some sort of move against North Korea. He might do it this election and pray for a huge success and a carry over to 2020. The Trumpster authorized the release of a top secret memo this week and even his own party thought it was the wrong thing to do but you know the Trumpster don’t think just do. Well it’s time to start getting ready for my Super Bowl party so I’ll say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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