March 21, 2021

Well, Trump’s legacy just keeps on screwin things up. His mishandling of the pandemic and his blaming of China have resulted in attacks on Asian Americans. He blamed China for the virus, and yes came from there, but it was his lack of action that was responsible for where we are today. His followers took what he said and applied rumor and misinformation that came from him in a blatant attempt to deflect blame for the crisis away from Trump. Had Trump acted instead of doing nothing thousand of people would still be alive and we would have it under control, but no he decided science was wrong and he was right. We may never know what he was thinking when he said some of the things he did. All I know is he thrives in a world of deceit and by creating chaos he can get away with whatever he wants. Watching him is like watching a magic show. Hey, look over here while I’m really over here. He has developed a cult of personality where the truth has no place and only what he says does. I don’t know how you put millions of people into a deprogramming program but that’s what it is going to take. This has been FATS and ANTONIA CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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