March 14, 2021

Boy is it really 2021? it feels like the early sixties with all the racism out there. I wasn’t naive enough to think that it was gone, but I didn’t think it was this bad. Just goes to show you I ain’t as smart as I think. What surprises me is that they’re using Trumps claims of fraud in the election process to deprive people , mostly those of color from their basic right to vote. I guess they don’t remember what happens when you really piss of the people. This time it won’t be so peaceful because we’ve proven that approach doesn’t work. This time we might see conflict in the military as well. I know that if you say no write in voting and I can’t vote just because I chose to live in my wife’s country, I will be really pissed. The way this country is going we could see the NAZI party getting on many ballots. I have always been amazed at how short our memories are and how cowardly a good portion of this country is. There are those that refuse to believe facts like the holocaust really happened. I am of the age where I have met survivors as well as veterans that freed Jews from the camps. today’s generation of non believers believe that Trump didn’t lose the election and that there’s a cult of pedophiles in our government led by Hillary and other Democrats. I think Hillary is capable of many things but running a pedophile ring is not one of them. We now have people in government that believe outrageous theories. There are white supremacists in the house and senate, are they new, no they just feel empowered now by Trump. The threat to democracy is now stronger than ever and if we don’t do something we won’t have to worry about making America great again but rather can we survive the attacks from within. This has been FATS and Antonia CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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