February 23, 2013

great-weekendWell the weekend is here and as some of you might have noticed I didn’t do a blog yesterday and that was for two reasons first Jeff had a early doctor’s appointment and I had nothing to say. Jeff keeps asking me what to write about since he so busy writing or should I say trying to write his second book and I have to tell you it’s hard when you sleep most of the day to come up with ideas for this thing. Well I digress it’s the weekend and we’re going nowhere and doing nothing; this is beginning to sound sort of redundant isn’t it. it’s just that after all the moving and meeting the relatives everybody is settling into their old routines and staying home rather than running around. But there is hope on the horizon the soccer season is staring to ramp up so that should give us something to talk about in the future if the two family favorites don’t tank the season early. Ruby is running around cleaning the house and mumbling to herself, about all the hair on the floor, you know she’s blaming me for it all, and I stay in Jeff’s office except for using the litter box. The really harsh thing is five minutes after she spends the three hours cleaning the dust is back and there’s hair on the floor and of course it’s my fault even though I haven’t moved in the last four hours. So that’s our weekend in Colombia right now so hopefully something will happen that’s worth talking about for tomorrow CIAO.

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