February 18, 2013

womanI decided to start the week off by getting a few people riled up with this question: What would happen if the world found out tomorrow God was a woman? Now we know that the Catholic Church would lose its collective mind if it was proven we were really an Alien experiment so what do you think they would do if it came out God was a woman. Now before all you feminists out there star screaming dammed right she is let look at this as if it were true how things would be different? Would the Catholic Church have achieved such prominence with a woman at its head? Would there have been as many wars fought in the name of religion and would they have been as violent? What do you think would have been the greatest difference? I would just like to know how do we know God is a man isn’t it because a man told us so what if God is a cat (Which makes a whole lot of sense to me)? Why does God have to be a man and if God created man in his own image where did he get the idea for women and why is Eve presented as a beautiful woman why not homily and why as a young woman and not a baby? I don’t know if thing would be different good or different bad but I don’t think a woman would let some of the truly bad things that have happened in this world occur. So you guys and girls think about all that and let know hope fully  somebody besides Val will have an opinion on this CIAO.

One Response to “WHAT IF GOD WAS A WOMAN?”

  1. valerie said

    God is a spirit and needs not gender – If we are in the likeness of god it is the likeness of Love because that is what God is supposed to be pure Love. Sometimes I call God a she and some times I call God a he.


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