February 28, 2013

thursday_108Ok this is going to be a happy post I hope first I just wanted to repeat a headline from yahoo news and here it is DOG SHOOTS OWNER. Now I’m not going to say anymore about that I think it speaks for itself. Today Nacho and his family are moving into a new apartment he had to get out of the other one because his neighbors were too noisy on account there were too many people in the apartment (this is right upstairs) apparently they like to party and Nacho is starting to really get old. Jeff and Ruby will help out they’ll be going over about one o’clock so that means I’ll have the house to myself this afternoon. Jeff is listening to Santana’s Supernatural Album and I must say I dig it. Jeff’s book is approaching the halfway mark and is starting to look a little better than the first one he has introduced some new characters and brought back some old ones. He using a different process to write this time and feels like it’s taking a little longer but hopefully that will mean less editing at the end he didn’t do a real good job the last time. This is the last day of the month and I can’t say a sad to see it go. It would appear that February is universally disliked down here it’s a month with no Holidays, but don’t worry March makes up for it with all the holy days and national woman’s day. Well I’m not sure if we’ll get to post tomorrow or not since its bank day but we’ll see in the mean time CIAO.

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