February 27, 2013

imagesI know I shouldn’t get involved with human problems because being a cat I don’t really understand them, but since cats love kids I felt I needed to say something about the violence aimed at kids. Every year all over the world Children are molested kidnapped into sexual slavery or killed by sick adults or in some cases other children. A person who sexually excited by a 5 year old girl or boy is beyond my comprehension as well as Jeff’s. In the United States parents abuse their kids abandon them on doorsteps or just ignore them. This isn’t just an American problem this happens everywhere in the world and these sicko’s are in every walk of life, but apparently when it happens with some it’s more important than others such as priests or teachers. I don’t pretend to why adults do this or what should be done with these people, Jeff suggests that they be tortured to death as slowly as possible. Jeff tell a story about this very big overweight man who was called the roof top pervert in New York he would lure young boys to the roof and then sexually molest them. They did an interview with him while he was I jail and he said he should never be let out because he would do it all over again and this time they wouldn’t catch him. Psychologists say these people are sick and need help but they can produce no evidence that these people can be cured. In my opinion the death sentence should be imposed on all human traffickers should all be put to death when their captured and without the crap of a trial. This may sound unduly harsh but if you’ve ever seen pictures of what these people but other human beings threw you would have no trouble agreeing with me. I would like you all to give some serious thought to this situation and do all in you power to stop abuse of children if you see in it your neighborhood don’t ignore it report it if your 100% wrong it’s still better than doing nothing. Tomorrow I’ll try to have a happier topic for all of you CIAO.

One Response to “KEEP KIDS SAFE”

  1. valerie said

    I would say here here to you flounder I do object to the death penelty but otherwise great.


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